Saturday, April 17, 2010


[Typed last night while spinning in bed]

Because I have no decent blogging app on my phone anymore, this has been typed in the notes.

It was a fucking great night. Lau's party involved the alkyholes (in excess) and then a gay and then Bar Century. Ooooohhhhh, sudden sickness. Better not vomm when I wake.

Anyways, got touched on the bottom by a creepy dude at the gay bar, That was really odd. And as I was walking through Newtown to where my sister was, I was pushed into the window of a shop front by some drunk Aboriginies. One of the guys questioned the assailant (See: "What tha fuck, bro!?"), but for me it was a frightening, nerve racking and potentially dangerous. Luckily I got out of there, made it to the Marlborough, drank more and was blind for the cab.

Blind as a fucking bat tonight.

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