Sunday, February 28, 2010


I figured now that my computer is back to full force that I should finally do an "I'M HOME!" post.


I kinda missed home. Now I miss Japan.

Also, a big ups to Pills for the party last night. Results:
  • Destructive AGB that required 3 flushes.
  • Red spew.
  • Dad paying me out.
  • A new PB.
Pavement - Conduit For Sale! [Live]

Saturday, February 13, 2010


This morning we went to a beautiful garden in Hiroshima. It's based off a garden in China, but probably better because it's in Japan and Japan > China any day. The garden had miniturised versions of plum forests, cherry blossom forests, a valley of pines, a natural mountain spring and two mountains. It was really quite fantastic. I'll show you the photos one day.

When we arrived in Kyoto, we decided to head to Inari to see the Fushimi-Inari Shrine. It's a massive collective of Shinto shrines all located on the mountain. There are thousands of red gates all the way up the mountain, we various paths and tea houses and shrines all the way up to the peak. The sights were breathtaking. Unfortunately we didn't get to the peak because dad and I didn't have beer in us, but the near-top view was totally worth it. Japan makes hiking appealing. Crazy, huh?

Tomorrow we're going on a full day tour of Kyoto to see various temples and shrines and 65 metre high 5-storied pagodas. Very sexilicious. Should be a tiring and radical day that will lead to a well-deserved damn-big mug of Kirin or Asahi beer.

I'll be arriving at Sydney early on the 16th, if anyone wants to hang out, I'll be free.

Peace out, dewds.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Holidays To Escape

1. Japan is perfect. Going away from home to another country is perfect. I think about nothing from home because I like to immerse myself in other cultures.

2. Today I went to Miyajima, a beautiful island near Hiroshima. Shinto temples and gates are absolutely breathtaking. Had a delicious oyster udon for lunch and went to a restaurant that served whale for dinner. Didn't have any though :'(

Tomorrow I'll be going to the Hiroshima gardens and then catching the Shinkansen to Kyoto. Looking really forward to that, should be lovely. Maybe hit a tea house with some maiko and hopefully buy a sword or something equally as cool.

I want to come back to this place very soon with friends rather than family. I would be doing significantly more living rather than sightseeing if with friends.

I also needs to buy a bottle of Suntory whiskey duty free to drink with someone when I get home. Who wants in?


Hi all. Japan is pretty much the greatest place in the world. It's damn cold, my lips are chapped and bleeding as shit and it's all rainy but whatever.
Caught the Shinkansen today from Tokyo to Himeji Castle today. That was pretty mindblowing and very massive. Now I'm in Hiroshima sitting in a ballin' robe watching a dating show. Full day tour tomorrow. Then the day after I'm off to Kyoto. Looking very forward to that.

Tokyo is just amazing. The whole culture that I was just thrust into is extremely appealing as people are still hanging around Shibuya departments stores and streets well into 10:30pm. Trains are packed until 9:30 and everyone just gets rowdy and karaokes until the stupid hours of the morning. The meals are cheap (if you don't go to some lame restaurant), the alcohol is very cheap AT SUPERMARKETS and the train system is just amazing. It's just too efficient. So yeah, went to Ginza and Harajuku and Shibuya and Ueno and we stayed in Shinagawa. So sick. Great view. I'll show you the photos some time.

I bought a Pikachu onesie which is so great and a new backpack for uni and new jacket which is pretty cool. So yeah, great place.

Just want to say sorry to Hannah for not sending a text yesterday, I literally have no phone connection here. My iPhone has been reverted to a watch / Flight Control brick. Happy four months. Apologies also for not being back for the big V day. We'll go for lunch soon.

Final aims for Japan trip:
  1. Buy a sword (OMG LIKE $250).
  2. Take a photo with a random babe.
  3. Drink calpis.

Saturday, February 6, 2010



Well, computer has to be moved and also the furniture, which means no computer tomorrow so I thought I'd do one last post before I go to Japland on Monday at oh, SIX IN THA MAWNIN'!

I've updated my iPod (Beat Konducta 1-6, J Dilla's sweet, sweet Donuts, Exile on Main Street, Homogenic, Blue and The Downward Spiral) so I'm ready for new sounds at new sights. Looking forward to chillin' on the bullet train to Hiroshima with my phones on and Madlib providing his ill beats. It'll be pretty much perfect. So totally amped for Japan.

Also, I just dinged level 76. God damn 80 is a mere 4 levels away. My gear is getting shick as, I've got 1.5k gold (so nearly enough for cold weather flying and dual talent spec) and the game continues to engross me. Fuck you, Blizzard, stop ruining my life...again!


My suitcase is more or less packed with pretty much all black, white and grey clothing I own folded away safely. Sneaker and boots are going to be my footwear. Is nine degrees too cold to just wear jeans, t-shirt, hoodie and coat? Who cares because that's what I'll be wearing!

I'll miss you all, yet I won't because I'll be looking at women pretty much constantly. I'll buy people stuff if I've got the Yen but I might not because I've got a Pokemon onesie to buy and maybe some sneakers and just all-round random shit. Can't get CDs because they're too pricey, but I might grab a single if a band I know release one. PLZ L'Arc~en~Ciel or Asian Kung-Fu Generation or Art-School, I <3 you all.


Unfortunately, I can't drink but I'll try regardless. Get some crazy beer / vodka / whiskey (Santori times!) on and party down. Really, I'll just be making an arse of myself when I walk around trying to speak the language and all that jazz.

Song for the montage of Japan trip:

Gorillaz - Stylo

1. Shibuya - Statue of Hachiko
2. Akihabara - Women and Storm Trooper and Firefox WTF!?
3. Ginza - Ginza

A Few Things

Dr. OctaCon + alcohol + friends + dancefloor - dickheads x Riverside mothafokkah + tequila shots = Happy.

Tonight was a good, good night.

Also, I did my routinely exercise of dancing like a bastard. I got sweaty, I didn't stop (except to get drinks). I have a stamp on my wrist. I didn't have to cab it. I was with people. There was much rejoicing.

I mean no offense to the 17-year-olds. I know Harry called me a dick when I made smart-arse comments (as per usual) but I never intend to offend. That rhymes. I'll make a song. No you can't hear it.

I like talking to peoples parents. I talked to Stuey for like twenty minutes and Alex lectured me. David and Balinda also engaged in coversation with me, as did Ashant, Pria and Nic's grandarents. Makes me feel important.

I love the alcohol, oh how you make everything better.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Pop Punk

So I was watching [V] Hits request show today and everyone was requesting the latest single from the next "punk" band. Literally every song sounded the same. Short Stack, All Time Low, Gay Bitchface Emo Fringe and Skinny Jeans Band #87,162. The fact they all sound the same is terrible, but the worst this is just the emo/pop-punk sound. Some little skinny tool whining about girls should not be a market. "Damned If I Do" by All Time Low was an offener. Wasn't punk about sticking it to the man, bashing mods and setting shit on fire? According to the music industry, no.

You are not hard. I bet none of you have ever thrown a punch.

Furthermore, all of this RnB around nowadays is shit. All. I heard a song by some guy called Jay Sean. Number one, terrible name. Number two, it was predictable, tacky and overwhelmingly atrocious. In fact, the music on [V] Hits today was so bad, I requested Jonas Brothers "Burnin' Up" as Juan Carlos from Minto to salvage my ears a little. Yeah, I could have changed the channel but I like to be in the loop which what's popular. To my misfortune, it's faggy guys, gay niggers and 3OH!3. Hey music industry, die plox.

Now THAT's punk!

Big Black - Stinking Drunk