Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Few Things

Dr. OctaCon + alcohol + friends + dancefloor - dickheads x Riverside mothafokkah + tequila shots = Happy.

Tonight was a good, good night.

Also, I did my routinely exercise of dancing like a bastard. I got sweaty, I didn't stop (except to get drinks). I have a stamp on my wrist. I didn't have to cab it. I was with people. There was much rejoicing.

I mean no offense to the 17-year-olds. I know Harry called me a dick when I made smart-arse comments (as per usual) but I never intend to offend. That rhymes. I'll make a song. No you can't hear it.

I like talking to peoples parents. I talked to Stuey for like twenty minutes and Alex lectured me. David and Balinda also engaged in coversation with me, as did Ashant, Pria and Nic's grandarents. Makes me feel important.

I love the alcohol, oh how you make everything better.


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