Friday, February 12, 2010

Holidays To Escape

1. Japan is perfect. Going away from home to another country is perfect. I think about nothing from home because I like to immerse myself in other cultures.

2. Today I went to Miyajima, a beautiful island near Hiroshima. Shinto temples and gates are absolutely breathtaking. Had a delicious oyster udon for lunch and went to a restaurant that served whale for dinner. Didn't have any though :'(

Tomorrow I'll be going to the Hiroshima gardens and then catching the Shinkansen to Kyoto. Looking really forward to that, should be lovely. Maybe hit a tea house with some maiko and hopefully buy a sword or something equally as cool.

I want to come back to this place very soon with friends rather than family. I would be doing significantly more living rather than sightseeing if with friends.

I also needs to buy a bottle of Suntory whiskey duty free to drink with someone when I get home. Who wants in?


  1. dude i know what you mean, tokyo is amazing, but kyoto is just too beautiful. are you taking any photos?
    re your last post, calpis is delicious, try and get it in slushie variety (possibly from a karaoke place) but what you really need is pocari sweat, and some boss ice coffee.
    and royal milk tea. actually, bring me back some if you can.
    when you were in shibuya were they playing pokemon music on the loud speakersss????
    tell us all more please!

  2. I am taking family photos but taking some of myself. Kyoto is lovely, just arrived today. I had Black Boss ice coffee and I'll grab some Suntory calpis tomorrow from a vendo.

    Regarding Shibuya, I don't know, I was too busy looking at 109 and finding somewhere to eat and not losing my rents. Last thing is very low priority, I just want to get away from them!