Friday, February 12, 2010


Hi all. Japan is pretty much the greatest place in the world. It's damn cold, my lips are chapped and bleeding as shit and it's all rainy but whatever.
Caught the Shinkansen today from Tokyo to Himeji Castle today. That was pretty mindblowing and very massive. Now I'm in Hiroshima sitting in a ballin' robe watching a dating show. Full day tour tomorrow. Then the day after I'm off to Kyoto. Looking very forward to that.

Tokyo is just amazing. The whole culture that I was just thrust into is extremely appealing as people are still hanging around Shibuya departments stores and streets well into 10:30pm. Trains are packed until 9:30 and everyone just gets rowdy and karaokes until the stupid hours of the morning. The meals are cheap (if you don't go to some lame restaurant), the alcohol is very cheap AT SUPERMARKETS and the train system is just amazing. It's just too efficient. So yeah, went to Ginza and Harajuku and Shibuya and Ueno and we stayed in Shinagawa. So sick. Great view. I'll show you the photos some time.

I bought a Pikachu onesie which is so great and a new backpack for uni and new jacket which is pretty cool. So yeah, great place.

Just want to say sorry to Hannah for not sending a text yesterday, I literally have no phone connection here. My iPhone has been reverted to a watch / Flight Control brick. Happy four months. Apologies also for not being back for the big V day. We'll go for lunch soon.

Final aims for Japan trip:
  1. Buy a sword (OMG LIKE $250).
  2. Take a photo with a random babe.
  3. Drink calpis.

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