Friday, August 6, 2010

Moanin' At Midnight

So, it's been two weeks. I've had all my classes (bar achaeology workshops) and let's see the findings:
  • Japanese - Japanese is stupidly hard and will actually only get harder. I really need to work my shit out with this because I will actually fail. Gotta study like a bitch. Friends: Eleni is in my class again and some guy called Ed. He seems nice.
  • Music - Popular Music is a second year subject and for some reason everyone appears older than twenty. This makes me noticeably younger than EVERYONE which is really, really awkward. And I look like a pompous dick when I say something because I am younger. And everyone has majors and stuff and I was like "I don't have a major yet..." giving away my deep, dark secret of being youthful. Friends: None, and I don't expect that to change.
  • Art History - My tutor is a PhD student who's outrageously gay. I dunno about this, Art History this semester is going to take some big fat hours to kick into gear. Don't really care about old school architecture and sculptures and crap. Let's get into the Impressionsim...oh wait, that's week thirteen. Fuck. Friends: Heaps o' peeps, but in my tute, the people I was sitting with were shitty and lame. Mad cute girl though. Full sat next to me. What did I do? Nothing. Cool...


Yeah, sweet, sweet shit there. Oh god, I'm out to miss my bus and be late to work. Thanks Gang of Four for being so pleasureable to listen to. I'll post a song later.
Post song now:

Gang of Four - At Home He's A Tourist

Friday, July 30, 2010

Recently Obtained

Recently, I've been downloading heaps of hip-hop and singles from 60s bands. Got myself a fairly extensive collection of Kinks, Who, Rolling Stones, Small Faces, Zombies and Pretty Things singles. Even got an instrumental Beatles B-side called "Cry For A Shadow" which was off the chain. Lennon/Harrison composition.

Also currently downloading Zombies and Pretty Things EP collections, which makes me impossibly cool. Or a nerd. Either one I'm fine with.

As for hip-hop albums, I've accquired:
  • Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - Mecca & The Soul Brother
  • Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Live and Let Die
  • Mobb Deep - The Infamous...
  • Black Star - Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star
  • Boogie Down Productions - By All Means Necessary
  • Murs & 9th Wonder - Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition
  • Afrika Bambaataa & SoulSonic Force - Planet Rock
and some early songs here and there like Kurtis Blow's "The Breaks" and some Cold Crush Brothers. I love to hip some hop like a fresh black man.

The Pretty Things - Rosalyn

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Been listening to heaps of Big Boi and Murs (with 9th Wonder). Loving the hip-hop much too much recently. I think I might listen to Chuck Berry or Little Richard on the train tomorrow. That's pretty rock 'n' roll, right? I think "Sir Lucious Left Foot...The Son Of Chico Dusty" is my album of the year. I listened to it on repeat today. It was fly like a falcon. Oooh, I got a back-up plan to the back-up plan to back-up my back-up plan. One, and two, and you know what to do MOTHERFUCKER, LET'S GO!

Aaaah, Wata-san, such a pretty lady. Yes, I am just listening to Boris right now. They're so fucking amazing. I wish I could drone like them.

And so I'm in my Japanese tutorial and this hot chick walks in and sits down. That's it. I am like surrounded by attractive women, which is all well and good, but I honestly do not give any amount of shits about getting a grill. I mean in a serious relationship and hookin' up wif da hoez in da club. I just don't want to try. So what if I haven't made out in a few months, don't care. So what if I'm not grinding on some bitch with a filthily short skirt on a dancefloor, don't care. So what if I'm not chatting up that hot chick because I bought her a drink, don't care. I'd only buy a girl I know and enjoy the company of a drink. I'm cool like that. Yeah, fuck the hoes. Fuck the haters. Yeah...shut up kid.

Oh, so yeah, I went and saw Kasabian last Saturday. It was pretty fantastic.

Little Red played first. I fucking love Little Red and think they are one of the greatest bands in Sydney right now, so seeing them back from an absence in 2009 made me outrageously happy. They were on top form, slamming out the 50s-inspired tunes with glee and energy. They were better than ever and I will now see them at probably every given opportunity.

Kasabian raised the fucking roof from the get-go. "Shoot The Runner" started the brilliant night and shit was off the chain. The band played fantastically, performed with genuine interest and excitement and made the crowd go off, tits and all (srsly, there were boobies). The slower songs in the middle of the set were still great because that trumpeter was brilliant and did some great melodic stuff, which generally contrasted to the drunk Englishmen who swamped the Hordern in full force. They ended the set with "Club Foot" (<3) and then slammed out a quick encore which concluded the show with "LSF" which the departing crowd chanted for at least fifteen minutes throughout the Entertainment Quater. It was amazing. That has never happened to me and probably never will again because I don't go to many gigs where the crowd is 50% British ex-pats. What a gas.

Kasabian - LSF

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bak 2 Skewl

Hogwarts Building is so cool.

And so semester two begins. Time to correct all mistakes of not studying for Japanese into practice. And also having to work harder because I do four subjects rather than three because academic writing didn't count as a subject. Got a distinction without attending a lecture or getting the course reader. Pretty great shit there. Now I'm doing:
  • Art History: Art and Experience
  • Music: Popular Music
  • Archaeology: An Introduction
  • Japanese: Japanese 2
Riveting shit. Rivets!

And so I've been downloading a fuckload of old school hip-hop. It's all amazing. Discovering the marvellous roots. Kool Moe Dee, The Cold Crush Brothers and Kurtis Blow. And I'm hooking James up with essential hip-hop, on his one-terrabyte hard drive. Prepare to be fly, guy.

I thought I had more to say.

Fare thee well, Le Tour de France. Adieu, adieu.

Busy P - To Protect and Entertain (Feat. MURS)

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I downloaded Black Dynamite today. I have been looking forward to seeing this film for a while, but I have never found it on DVD here. Maybe because I haven't looked at the DVDs at JB for about a year now. Now that I have it, I can hand it off to someone, they can burn a copy (yeah, my computer is pretty good like that) and we can watch that shit with some beers and popcorn and pizza. Seriously, if you haven't seen it yet, watch the trailer. I might go watch it again just to pump myself up for no reason.

I also watched Jackie Brown which was alright. Quentin's homage to blaxploitation was done well, but I just didn't dig it too much for some reason. Maybe because Samuel L. Jackson wasn't permanently screaming, which is what he does best. And I watched Raising Arizona which was pretty great. I love the Coen Brothers. And Nicolas Cage. He was lovable in that film.

Away from movies, there's a new exhibition on at the art gallery that I absolutely must see. "Paths To Abstraction 1867-1917" should be dope on a rope, some Monet, Kandinsky and Malevich to treat the eyes. I was going to go alone, but now I figure I've gotta go with a pretty girl because if I go alone I'll look like a lonely, no-friend tool, if I go with two pretty girls I'll look either like a dickhead or a fag, and if I go with a guy, we'll both look like fags. So now I need to find a pretty girl who wants to hang. LUV 2 ART! Also, I am just massively gay for Claude Monet, so it might be appropriate going with another guy.

Also, fucking hell Robyn is sick. It's a shame I'm three years late for her self-titled album, because it's fucking mad.

And "Shutterbugg" is song of the year and "Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty" is probably my album of the year because I gave it a 5/5 on rate your music. Yes!!! Gonna buy that and "High Violet" tomorrow in the first hour of five in between lectured. Thanks, USYD, I just am the kind of guy who loves to kill five hours. Twice a week.

Big Boi - Shutterbugg
Robyn - With Every Heartbeat

Friday, July 23, 2010


Today I had a hot date with loneliness and Casablanca. It was heart-wrenching. Seems like the only people I am destined to spend time with are actors.

Hey, so, have you ever had an emotional breakdown and cried on a train alone?

Jurassic 5 -Remember His Name