Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Been listening to heaps of Big Boi and Murs (with 9th Wonder). Loving the hip-hop much too much recently. I think I might listen to Chuck Berry or Little Richard on the train tomorrow. That's pretty rock 'n' roll, right? I think "Sir Lucious Left Foot...The Son Of Chico Dusty" is my album of the year. I listened to it on repeat today. It was fly like a falcon. Oooh, I got a back-up plan to the back-up plan to back-up my back-up plan. One, and two, and you know what to do MOTHERFUCKER, LET'S GO!

Aaaah, Wata-san, such a pretty lady. Yes, I am just listening to Boris right now. They're so fucking amazing. I wish I could drone like them.

And so I'm in my Japanese tutorial and this hot chick walks in and sits down. That's it. I am like surrounded by attractive women, which is all well and good, but I honestly do not give any amount of shits about getting a grill. I mean in a serious relationship and hookin' up wif da hoez in da club. I just don't want to try. So what if I haven't made out in a few months, don't care. So what if I'm not grinding on some bitch with a filthily short skirt on a dancefloor, don't care. So what if I'm not chatting up that hot chick because I bought her a drink, don't care. I'd only buy a girl I know and enjoy the company of a drink. I'm cool like that. Yeah, fuck the hoes. Fuck the haters. Yeah...shut up kid.

Oh, so yeah, I went and saw Kasabian last Saturday. It was pretty fantastic.

Little Red played first. I fucking love Little Red and think they are one of the greatest bands in Sydney right now, so seeing them back from an absence in 2009 made me outrageously happy. They were on top form, slamming out the 50s-inspired tunes with glee and energy. They were better than ever and I will now see them at probably every given opportunity.

Kasabian raised the fucking roof from the get-go. "Shoot The Runner" started the brilliant night and shit was off the chain. The band played fantastically, performed with genuine interest and excitement and made the crowd go off, tits and all (srsly, there were boobies). The slower songs in the middle of the set were still great because that trumpeter was brilliant and did some great melodic stuff, which generally contrasted to the drunk Englishmen who swamped the Hordern in full force. They ended the set with "Club Foot" (<3) and then slammed out a quick encore which concluded the show with "LSF" which the departing crowd chanted for at least fifteen minutes throughout the Entertainment Quater. It was amazing. That has never happened to me and probably never will again because I don't go to many gigs where the crowd is 50% British ex-pats. What a gas.

Kasabian - LSF

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