Sunday, July 11, 2010

Where I've Been

We had a family staying with us for a few days. The mum and youngest son came a day after the dad and older son. They rocked up when I was at work. Then I went to Hot Damn and they were sleeping when I got home. In the morning, they left before I woke up, then I went to Bouzo's and slept over. I had people living in my house for two days whom I was yet to have physical contact with. How great is that?

Sunrise > Sunset. Any old person can see a sunset, but a sunrise is a beautiful thing after an entire night of staying up. Waking up for sunrise is cheating.

In reality of seeing lovely sunrises, I've been working and partying. Work is so good, customers like recognise me and are like BFFs even though I don't know their names or anything. And the partying, hoo boy has it been fun. Hot Damn was pretty sweet, even though I left pretty early. And I was legit the only person in the club who knew Ol' Dirty's Got Your Money which is shameful because that song is dope as fuck. All in all, I should start going there more because it's a cool place and has Big Buck Safari and the toilets weren't packed ever and it was great. And there were some good looking girls there who I probably should have talked to or something. Whatever. Wymynm. Also, $4.50 house scotch's made me one happy surfer, so Hot Damn also has that going for it.

Then there was Bouzo's house. What an evening. There's a fair bit I do not remember, and for good reason. Goodbye, sangria, it was a lovely evening. Apparently it wasn't lovely downstairs after I went to sleep, so I won't touch that shit. The day after, though, my legs were totally ruined (thanks, Samm for challenging me to "drop it like it's hot") and everyone else (except the pharmacist) at work was hungover / sick, so it was a pretty lively workplace. Some good came out of it, I'm now going to the zoo with Nicole in a few weeks, and that should be a fun day out.

Oh look, and elephant playing a shamisen.

Two One, Blind Elephant Song, Mixed Media on spray cans in wooden frame, 2008.

Beastie Boys - Jimmy James

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