Monday, November 30, 2009

Search and Destroy

I pretty much took your personified trust down to gritty mangroves in high tide and stabbed it. And as I tried to redeem myself, all I did was twist the serrated blade to open, expose and tear the wound further. Once it was removed, I lay you down in the mud and buried you. Your eyes blankly stared off into the distance, but your face melted and was crushed into a ball. I took it too far like I always do, I couldn't explain myself. I still can't. I can't figure out my problems, can't control my thoughts that manifest when I drink.

I fucked up yesterday and don't want to tell people because I don't want them to point out my cruelty. I know it. Rah.

I fell asleep listening to Nick Cave last night. Bad Seeds and Birthday Party. I like the ballads and stories about people being murdered because it's what I did.

I'm so sorry.

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Song of Joy
The Birthday Party - Deep In The Woods

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dodgy album art made on iPhone and MS Paint to live in perfect harmony with the dodgy loop electronica. I hope you enjoy.
  1. Paint By Numbers (4:47)
  2. Panther Party (3:58)
  3. Restricted Freedom (3:24)
  4. The Interlude (2:22)
  5. Southern Shadow Lingers (5:o5)
  6. Concord (2:24)
Total: 21:56.

Luna Noise - Black Beach EP

Not a zip file.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sex Beat

Johnny's got a light in his eyes and Shirley's got a light on her lips. Jake's got a monkeyshine on his head and Deborah-Anne'a got a tiger in her hips. They can twist and turn, they can move and burn. They can throw themselves against the wall. But they creep for what they need, and the explode to the call, and then they move! Move! Sex beat...go!

Very stupid like I told ya, very stupid like you saw. Very stupid as the simple thought of ever thinking at all. And all their minds, all their souls, all their bodies, all we know, all the things that should have made us whole. All the colourless security was all there so we could go, and move! Move! Sex beat...drop!

And yes you do look cool, inside the floodlights so blue. You make my tropical apartment space your sacrificial pool. My body in the water, and my heart is in your hand. So this is the at you choose to send me to the judgement land? So you can't move! Move! Ooooh, sex beat...go!

And every day at three, you throw me down by the Christmas tree. I watch your lights blink on and off as you start your fun with me. I, I know your reasons, and I, I know your goals. We can fuck forever but you will never get my you can't move, so you can't move, so you can't move, so you can't move, so you can' beat...

The Gun Club - Sex Beat

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I've been downloading like a motherfucker lately. Sorry, bandwidth, but your 25GB limit can easily take this. I haven't finished listening to all the albums because I do that.
Let us gaze into the magical blogosphere and see what I have illegally obtained:

The Pretty Things - S.F. Sorrow

Pretty sweet rock opera. Can't tell you the story because I wasn't really paying attention. Great guitar sound, though. 5/5

Os Mutantes - Os Mutantes

Some Brazillian psychedelica / tropicalia. It's pretty great, with some lovely Portugese that I can't understand, some great melodies and the ultimate in killer sunshine chilling tracks: A Minha Menina. 4.5/5

Spirit - Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus

Some sexalicious psyche that's ultimately wacky. I'm currently listening to this, it's shaping up to be a solid 4.5/5, but only time will tell, there could be a string of shitty songs to come. I fucking hope not, this is hilarious.

The Monks - Black Monk Time

Sometimes called the first punk album ever. Haven't listened to it yet because I just haven't. "Shut Up" and "Blast Off!" are pretty great, so I'm hoping the other tracks follow suit. These guys are Vietnam vets, how fitting to make a proto-punk band...

Sparks - Kimono My House

This is outrageously camp and hilarious glam rock. I love the weirdness of it. It's simply amazing. The album is relentlessly rockin' and the distinctive vocals make this a must for anyone who would party down to stupid glam. 5/5 without a doubt.

Derek and The Dominos - Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs

I love blues rock. This is an incredible album. The songs are heartfelt and Clapton is truly, truly great at life. Plus Duane Allman slide guitaring the FUCK out of Layla is amazing. 4.5/5.

Fats Domino - This Is Fats Domino

Overwhelming amounts of "meh" except for "Blueberry Hill". That is an amazing song. The rest is boring blah. 3/5.

The Pretty Things - Balloon Burning
Os Mutantes - A Minha Menina
Spirit - Street Worm
The Monks - Shut Up
Sparks - This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us
Derek And The Dominos - Bell Bottom Blues
Fats Domino - Blueberry Hill

And there's still more to come!

P.S. Work was horrible today. Every customer got on my nerves. Did not want to be there. RAH!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I went to the ballet last night. It was interesting. Pretty sure EVERYONE who looked at me assumed I was gay because I was a young male there with his mother. However, I was gladly checking out women left, right and centre, while I romped around in my DCs. I was hesitant to go to the bathroom, though. I braved it. There was no one in there, I was relieved.

The first dance (?) was alright. The program didn't explain the concept, stupidly, but there was this Spanish narrator voice-over telling me shit I couldn't understand. I wanted to know what the dancing was ment to represent. It seemed to me just a set of dances that kinda segueded into each other, there was a tenious connection.

The second one was super traditional and pretty hilarious. It was based off this comedy play called "Scuola Di Ballo". It was seriously pretty funny, with the fail dancer chick who could act like a champ and some slapstick and what not. Pretty sure everyone loved this because everyone was laughing and cheering. I was defs not expecting a response like that at the ballet, very surprising and engaging.

The third one...well...all I can say is that at least the music was good. Steve Reich composes music like a motherfucker, it's pretty much always brilliant. The dancing was contemporary shit that made no sense to the synopsis. Hell, the synopsis didn't make sense, so naturally the dancing didn't.

Frankly, all I can say is that I've seen enough man-bulge to last me a lifetime. Period tights and cod-pieces that perfectly outline every contour of a man's arse is something I do not want to see. It was like they were wearing nothin' at all...nothin' at all...NOTHIN' AT ALL...

Luna Noise - Concord

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cave Blues

I cut a hole in my roof, the shape of a heart.
And I'm goin' out west where they appreciate me.
Darling, you need to learn how to chill out, kick back, not take everything so literally and do some cold lampin'. You've made me put on my depressed album, Tom Waits' Bone Machine. Don't be so nervous all the time, just calm down and roll with it. Everything resolves in time, just let the twisted words unwind.

Though shalt not cover thy neighbour's wife. Good advice there, Tom, my man. The electronica EP is coming along swimmingly. I've made 3 tracks which I'm moderately proud of and I'll probably craft 3 more. Next EP I'll test out Fruity Loops and if that fails, I'll retire my Luna Noise project (terrible name, Con) and just admire my skill-less loop music. Party tunes you guys!

I had to do gardening with dad today. It was okay. Good to be outside, a change for me. Also, kept me occupied for an hour and a half or so however long it was out there. The backyard is just too ridiculous to have perfectly groomed and clean. I mean, I'm not a perfectionist, but I like the garden to be neat. Actually, I kinda am a perfectionist because I think that any songs I've made are too poor/embarassing for anyone else. Except my new version of Cyborg Kids' The Mopes. I'm moderately proud of that, it flows well enough. I hope I'm not at my creative peak at 17, because this is poor if I am. Dodge electronica, unfinished grindcore album (I really want to complete Thrush Thrasher one day), garage rock / blues rock I am finding quite demanding. I can't handle it and I'm not even famous. And despite what you all say, I can't sing. I just make vocals and vaguely aim for notes that I rarely hit.

Sorry, everyone.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's Up?

First point of order - films.
Movies are going to the dumps. 2012 had some spiffy special effects yes, and a was fun to pay out because it was hilariously bad, but it was still bad. The plot was overblown and shit, hardly any of the characters were bearable, there was too much CGI (CGI phone), everyone was screaming all the time (except for John Cusack) and it went for waaaay too long. I stuggled to be entertained for the films duration, only maintaining interest by paying it out (sorry Asians in front of us). This film is poor on every account, not even worth a rent when it's on DVD and a waste of $14 and 3 hours of my precious life.

Music is rant #2.
What the fuck is being played on the radio these days? At what point in time did radio pop music stop being amazing music (hello, Beatles) and become absolute mindless trash (Black Eyed Peas)? Dad has 104.1 playing in the car on the way to the station earlier today and some terrible song about how this little faggy asshole makes "good girls bad" or some gay shit like that. Seriously, just piss off and let the actually good music be played on the pop stations. Why Short Stack are popular and The Big Pink aren't is totally beyond any sense.

But yeah, how is everyone? That's good. Having fun without me? Yeah, I thought so.

The Big Day Out second announcement didn't get me very excited. Yeah, Devendra Banhart and The Scare and Miami Horror and Decoder Ring. But it still doesn't account for the poo there. Why are the smaller bands all killer and the headliners are shitty poo poo? Muse AND Temper Trap AND Eskimo Joe AND Passion Pit are all fag city USA and then there's the turgid and boring likes of Grinspoon, Powderfinger and Kisschasy. Belchariffic.

Poo is poo and poo is me.
Poo is gross. Me is gross.
Me is good for nothing.
Like poo.

Weezer - (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To

Sunday, November 8, 2009


It was really humid today. I got sweaty just because it was sticky and muggy and gross. When it rained, that was nice because it was cooler and it wasn't extreme rain but it was light and nice. Hopefully it's not all humid when I'm trying to sleep, that would mad suck. I can't sleep it it's hot and gross, and I wanna sleep because I'm working five hours tomorrow. Speaking of work, I lost my Thursday shift which sucks the dick because I want money for schoolies and to buy WoW.

Did anyone else have fun at Newtown today? Or was it just me? Hopes it wasn't only me. I want Cold Rock ice cream all of the time now. But hopefully I don't forget Nutella like I did today next time, that is gay. While there were like a billion people there in a poorly organised space, Seekae and Gözleme more than made up for it next. Next year: Japanese pizza and Himalayan food.

Final Fantasy X has gotten me into video games right now. This is bad because if I play Animal Crossing, Suikoden Teirkries or Loch's Quest, I will become a 4am addict. This means I'll be up until 4am every morning playing the game I'm hooked on. Not good. But then Slayer wake me up.

Hey, who likes hanging out with me? And if I do stuff wrong, what is it? Be more specific than "racist" or "dickhead" because that's a given. Feel free to tell me via any medium or don't at all. I don't know why I suddenly started doubting myself and my actions and my personality and everything.

Anyone wanna buy me a Chocobo?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Home Is Where The Heart Is

I'm quite tired. That was the perfect thing I needed after the HSC. Slot cars, Detroit Rock City, Animal House (O.G. party flick), Caddyshack, Hugh's, Shogun Assassin, Harry's, Ballertron 5000 the album, not sleeping much. Who needs sleep when there's no school to wake up to. What is there to wake up to? Free time. Friends. Chucking shit out that I will never, ever need again. And I'll get WoW soon. Sell my soul.

I realised how comfortable I feel at other people's houses. Maybe it's because I generally get along with parents, but talking and cold lampin' at friends houses was just so normal. It's strange because arguments often arise at home (probably will decrease a bit because of no more HSC) which makes my house feel not homey. Except my room. That place is the best location in the world. It will get better - once I purchase Final Fantasy X. The only bad thing about other people's places (not that O.P.P.) is if there's nothing decent to sleep on. Neck and back pains ensure.

Recording albums is fun. Especially if your album is garage rock and you don't have to bother about class, clarity or lyrics. Or riffs or good chord progressions or real solos. All you need to care about is staying in time and hoping you hit record properly on the recording "device" (hello iPhone and Creative mp3 player). But I think I might start making real songs. I thought of some good lyrics in the shower that I didn't write down and so I have now forgotten them. I didn't write them down because I was shaving the wolverines off. It was a bitch of a shave. No cuts though, looks like I'm a pro.

Stuff to look forward to:
  • Saturday
  • Newtown Festival
  • 18ths
  • Schoolies
  • Birthday
  • New Years Eve
  • Kasabian Side Show
  • Big Day Out
  • Yo La Tengo
  • Pavement
  • Pixies
Yes, that goes to March next year.

The Band - The Weight