Sunday, November 8, 2009


It was really humid today. I got sweaty just because it was sticky and muggy and gross. When it rained, that was nice because it was cooler and it wasn't extreme rain but it was light and nice. Hopefully it's not all humid when I'm trying to sleep, that would mad suck. I can't sleep it it's hot and gross, and I wanna sleep because I'm working five hours tomorrow. Speaking of work, I lost my Thursday shift which sucks the dick because I want money for schoolies and to buy WoW.

Did anyone else have fun at Newtown today? Or was it just me? Hopes it wasn't only me. I want Cold Rock ice cream all of the time now. But hopefully I don't forget Nutella like I did today next time, that is gay. While there were like a billion people there in a poorly organised space, Seekae and Gözleme more than made up for it next. Next year: Japanese pizza and Himalayan food.

Final Fantasy X has gotten me into video games right now. This is bad because if I play Animal Crossing, Suikoden Teirkries or Loch's Quest, I will become a 4am addict. This means I'll be up until 4am every morning playing the game I'm hooked on. Not good. But then Slayer wake me up.

Hey, who likes hanging out with me? And if I do stuff wrong, what is it? Be more specific than "racist" or "dickhead" because that's a given. Feel free to tell me via any medium or don't at all. I don't know why I suddenly started doubting myself and my actions and my personality and everything.

Anyone wanna buy me a Chocobo?


  1. i'd buy you a chocobo.
    if i wasn't eating it myself.
    i like hangin.'
    ...i'm going to go with don't at all.
    self-doubt is a hobby.

  2. yeah let's hang out.
    let's make a bad prog album someday?