Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I went to the ballet last night. It was interesting. Pretty sure EVERYONE who looked at me assumed I was gay because I was a young male there with his mother. However, I was gladly checking out women left, right and centre, while I romped around in my DCs. I was hesitant to go to the bathroom, though. I braved it. There was no one in there, I was relieved.

The first dance (?) was alright. The program didn't explain the concept, stupidly, but there was this Spanish narrator voice-over telling me shit I couldn't understand. I wanted to know what the dancing was ment to represent. It seemed to me just a set of dances that kinda segueded into each other, there was a tenious connection.

The second one was super traditional and pretty hilarious. It was based off this comedy play called "Scuola Di Ballo". It was seriously pretty funny, with the fail dancer chick who could act like a champ and some slapstick and what not. Pretty sure everyone loved this because everyone was laughing and cheering. I was defs not expecting a response like that at the ballet, very surprising and engaging.

The third one...well...all I can say is that at least the music was good. Steve Reich composes music like a motherfucker, it's pretty much always brilliant. The dancing was contemporary shit that made no sense to the synopsis. Hell, the synopsis didn't make sense, so naturally the dancing didn't.

Frankly, all I can say is that I've seen enough man-bulge to last me a lifetime. Period tights and cod-pieces that perfectly outline every contour of a man's arse is something I do not want to see. It was like they were wearing nothin' at all...nothin' at all...NOTHIN' AT ALL...

Luna Noise - Concord


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  2. the butt contours are due to the male g-strings that they wear;
    hope that was illuminating