Monday, November 16, 2009

Cave Blues

I cut a hole in my roof, the shape of a heart.
And I'm goin' out west where they appreciate me.
Darling, you need to learn how to chill out, kick back, not take everything so literally and do some cold lampin'. You've made me put on my depressed album, Tom Waits' Bone Machine. Don't be so nervous all the time, just calm down and roll with it. Everything resolves in time, just let the twisted words unwind.

Though shalt not cover thy neighbour's wife. Good advice there, Tom, my man. The electronica EP is coming along swimmingly. I've made 3 tracks which I'm moderately proud of and I'll probably craft 3 more. Next EP I'll test out Fruity Loops and if that fails, I'll retire my Luna Noise project (terrible name, Con) and just admire my skill-less loop music. Party tunes you guys!

I had to do gardening with dad today. It was okay. Good to be outside, a change for me. Also, kept me occupied for an hour and a half or so however long it was out there. The backyard is just too ridiculous to have perfectly groomed and clean. I mean, I'm not a perfectionist, but I like the garden to be neat. Actually, I kinda am a perfectionist because I think that any songs I've made are too poor/embarassing for anyone else. Except my new version of Cyborg Kids' The Mopes. I'm moderately proud of that, it flows well enough. I hope I'm not at my creative peak at 17, because this is poor if I am. Dodge electronica, unfinished grindcore album (I really want to complete Thrush Thrasher one day), garage rock / blues rock I am finding quite demanding. I can't handle it and I'm not even famous. And despite what you all say, I can't sing. I just make vocals and vaguely aim for notes that I rarely hit.

Sorry, everyone.


  1. no, you've just reached your sexual peak.

  2. Fruity Loops is the boss, craft your own loops like a true baller.