Monday, July 5, 2010

le Tour

And so begins another reason to not sleep.
Le Tour de France officially began last night, with Stage 1 commencing and Alessandro Petacchi taking it out in his lovely pink and blue gear.

Gotta love guys in spandex riding bikes.

So we had a jam sesh at Harry's today. It was pretty decent. We set up all this shit on the roof, including carpet, then after I Wanna Be Your Dog the neighbour complained. We then moved everything down into the garage and had some fun. Played some Strokes, Black Sabbath and Weezer because it's pretty easy and we aren't good...yet. Then we got some lunch a Spitroast (never not funny) and bought some Thai beer because we can. Then when we got back, we went back into the sound lab and tuned up and the neighbour complained again and we hadn't even played anything yet. What a gai kent. We should have argued with him and continued to jam because he actually couldn't have done anything because noise complaints can only be made after eleven o'clock or something and it was like five. Seriously, what a shithead. Next time, I am going to argue the fuck out of him. And he wasn't polite or anything, just a cunt. A massive cuntfag. Get a life, thundercunt.

Primal Scream - Beautiful Future

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