Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hey Babe.

Versus is pretty great. I didn't really dig it the first time I watched it because I slept through 70% of it because Harry and I started watching it at about 2:00am. Now I need to buy Tokyo Gore Police and Wild Zero and I'll have all the Japanese splatter flicks I'll ever need. Actually, maybe Samurai Princess because she launches a shuriken out of her vagina. YES YOU CAN NEVER UN-READ THAT! PS. Chick on the right in the above picture is a babe.

So today I also watched Back To The Future again because that movie is unbelievably well-written and acted and everything about it is super dope. I love Michael J. Fox. I could tell you why the movie is so brilliant, but you've seen it so you already know. Honestly, what I do nowadays is sit around all day watching movies and working. My life, she is amazing. My wife? Oh, she's in the basement...

Last night I watched Dog Day Afternoon. It was pretty fantastic. I love Al Pacino. He's so nuts. His performance in that film was actually one of the most convincing pieces of acting I've ever seen. He got so into the character, perfectly portrayed Sonny's decent into complete metal breakdown. Such a tense film. I highly recommend it to everyone, fans of drama movies or not. But everyone should love dramas because they have the most passion out of all genres, I believe. They demand the most from the actors, and, unfortunately, they fail very often. But when you see a gripping, tense, emotionally charged and driven drama, my god, the heavens open and you stare into the face of the good lord himself. Or not, up to you really. I just need to watch Gone With The Wind and Casablanca again. And The Godfather, Part II.

Luv 2 Movie.

Now for a story:

I heard the phone ring, it was next to me, so I answered it, but not too quickly because that would be weird. The young woman on the other end asked if I was my father. I am not, so I told her I am not. She asked if he would be interested in buying a property. I answered "Probably not." and she inquired if I would be interested. I told her I am a poor uni student who is only eighteen. She told me that she was just about to buy an investment property, and I retorted with informing her that I hardly have any money. She then asked me where I worked, seemingly instigating a conversation. I told her I work for my father and she continued to ask me various questions about my pay, if I liked my job and if I'm at uni and stuff. She then told me she was seventeen, makes twenty dollars an hour working as a telemarketer. Being my witty, audacious self, throught this conversation I was dropping some clever words, which made her giggle like the seventeen-year old presumable schoolgirl she is. She seemed decently intelligent as well, and pretty keen on buying this investment property she had in the pipeline. She also seemed quite intent on keeping the conversation going, regardless of the fact she had failed her aim of selling my father an investment property. I guess I'm just a charmer over the phone, with my deadbeat voice, uncaring attitude towards investment properties and overall lack of personality when on a telephone. I wonder if she'll call back one day or something. Or if she was hot. Doubt it. Probably fat.

Pivot - Epsilon

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