Saturday, February 13, 2010


This morning we went to a beautiful garden in Hiroshima. It's based off a garden in China, but probably better because it's in Japan and Japan > China any day. The garden had miniturised versions of plum forests, cherry blossom forests, a valley of pines, a natural mountain spring and two mountains. It was really quite fantastic. I'll show you the photos one day.

When we arrived in Kyoto, we decided to head to Inari to see the Fushimi-Inari Shrine. It's a massive collective of Shinto shrines all located on the mountain. There are thousands of red gates all the way up the mountain, we various paths and tea houses and shrines all the way up to the peak. The sights were breathtaking. Unfortunately we didn't get to the peak because dad and I didn't have beer in us, but the near-top view was totally worth it. Japan makes hiking appealing. Crazy, huh?

Tomorrow we're going on a full day tour of Kyoto to see various temples and shrines and 65 metre high 5-storied pagodas. Very sexilicious. Should be a tiring and radical day that will lead to a well-deserved damn-big mug of Kirin or Asahi beer.

I'll be arriving at Sydney early on the 16th, if anyone wants to hang out, I'll be free.

Peace out, dewds.

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