Monday, February 1, 2010

Pop Punk

So I was watching [V] Hits request show today and everyone was requesting the latest single from the next "punk" band. Literally every song sounded the same. Short Stack, All Time Low, Gay Bitchface Emo Fringe and Skinny Jeans Band #87,162. The fact they all sound the same is terrible, but the worst this is just the emo/pop-punk sound. Some little skinny tool whining about girls should not be a market. "Damned If I Do" by All Time Low was an offener. Wasn't punk about sticking it to the man, bashing mods and setting shit on fire? According to the music industry, no.

You are not hard. I bet none of you have ever thrown a punch.

Furthermore, all of this RnB around nowadays is shit. All. I heard a song by some guy called Jay Sean. Number one, terrible name. Number two, it was predictable, tacky and overwhelmingly atrocious. In fact, the music on [V] Hits today was so bad, I requested Jonas Brothers "Burnin' Up" as Juan Carlos from Minto to salvage my ears a little. Yeah, I could have changed the channel but I like to be in the loop which what's popular. To my misfortune, it's faggy guys, gay niggers and 3OH!3. Hey music industry, die plox.

Now THAT's punk!

Big Black - Stinking Drunk

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  1. Lol, Juan Carlos.

    There is some good RnB about the place. Namely The Foreign Exchange and Nicolay. But I agree completely, music industry=fail.