Sunday, January 31, 2010

East Coast > West Coast

While we all love Biggie, Mr. Tupac Shakur is generally disliked in our circle of friends. I'm totally with this, I think Pac isn't very good or skilled on anything. HOWEVER, I very much like his staight-up god damn party jam "California Love" it is just fucking fine. It's a hit jam that will attract me straight to a dancefloor. Provided I have a drink in my right hand that I can sip while I swagger, I will have a killer time.

Another song that is bait to a dancefloor for me is Mr. Wallace's "Mo Money Mo Problems". Even though it's P. Diddy and some other fag who uses a "$" over an "S" and Biggie has one lonely verse (which dominates Diddy's anyway), it's still pretty damn hot. It's a damn shame the Big Poppa is dead, he would still be hustlin' (even though he stopped hustlin' when he got all street cred and hip-hop-happenin') and I'd gladly pay money to see him lug his fat arse around a stage going "IT WAS ALL A DREAM". That would be fantastic.

Moral of the story, yeah, we can hate on peeps, but when it comes to pushing and shoving, east side is di best.

Notorious B.I.G. - Mo Money Mo Problems
2Pac - California Love

PS. I <3 The Byrds.

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  1. I love the random cut to Biggie lying down like a half dead walrus. This video is so boss, just because it makes no sense.

    PS: Ma$e is terrible.