Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well Then...

My plans were totally ruined.
This week I planned to play World of WarCraft for a ridiculous amount of hours. Yesterday I did many, grinded up herbalism skill and ding'd to 72, pretty decent. However, the fucking server maintennance (still going until 2pm) screwed over my all-nighter.

Then when I decided and prepared to play Mass Effect all night, I just got super tired and decided to go to sleep, but then Hannah called so we talked and it was lovely then I couldn't get to sleep because I was all know how it is so I ended up playing an hour of two of Mass Effect anyway.

So now WoW is still down and I've gotta fix and update my resume (should I put my ATAR score on it?) so no Mass Effect and I've got a big fucking day of not being at home so that means no WoW and if I go out tonight I'll get home at like 3 and I'll be too stuffed to play WoW or Mass Effect.

And tomorrow, well, get the pleasure of meeting with my darling, then movies, then (according to Pills) going out. But I can't all-nighter it because of the Big Day Out on Friday.

My life is full of first world problems like these.

That's nice, but my mage really isn't good enough to do that...ugh...

Should I sacrifice pancakes for Mass Effect today? I think I shall...maybe...

Custard -Apartment


  1., pancakes.
    just say you have a higher school certificate and leave it at that?

  2. Yo dawg, are you enjoying Mass Effect? Am I right? Is it the shit or what? Do both, like me. I made pancakes yesterday, they were good, and lasted me until today, and they were still good and even better when combined with Australian Open.