Sunday, January 10, 2010

Late Night

Whenever I'm on the computer and it's late, the best music is GZA - Liquid Swords.

For some reason it just works so amazingly well. It's probably because if you're on the computer late at night, you're generally feeling lonely and hollow, and Liquid Swords' production just echoes those feelings through the sparse beats and haunting samples used. RZA, another masterpiece of production, well done, sir.

I play a lot of video games late at night also. If parents aren't home, it'll be a hardcore World of WarCraft session. It'll start after dinner and then go until about 3 or 4. Console sessions starting at about 00:00am are also great. Borderlands consumes the early morning, but Lock's Quest and Prince of Persia are also weighty contested for my hardcore sessions.

Right now, I'm watching anime. .hack//SIGN specifically. I love this anime even though I know it's not that good. I have it on DVD from ages ago and I bust it out every few years. Guess it's that time. Might watch DVD 1 tonight, five episodes that I've seen so many times before.

Moral of the story: When it's late and your on the computer feeling lonely, an album produced by RZA is your beat friend (Afro Samurai soundtrack is also good).

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