Saturday, February 6, 2010



Well, computer has to be moved and also the furniture, which means no computer tomorrow so I thought I'd do one last post before I go to Japland on Monday at oh, SIX IN THA MAWNIN'!

I've updated my iPod (Beat Konducta 1-6, J Dilla's sweet, sweet Donuts, Exile on Main Street, Homogenic, Blue and The Downward Spiral) so I'm ready for new sounds at new sights. Looking forward to chillin' on the bullet train to Hiroshima with my phones on and Madlib providing his ill beats. It'll be pretty much perfect. So totally amped for Japan.

Also, I just dinged level 76. God damn 80 is a mere 4 levels away. My gear is getting shick as, I've got 1.5k gold (so nearly enough for cold weather flying and dual talent spec) and the game continues to engross me. Fuck you, Blizzard, stop ruining my life...again!


My suitcase is more or less packed with pretty much all black, white and grey clothing I own folded away safely. Sneaker and boots are going to be my footwear. Is nine degrees too cold to just wear jeans, t-shirt, hoodie and coat? Who cares because that's what I'll be wearing!

I'll miss you all, yet I won't because I'll be looking at women pretty much constantly. I'll buy people stuff if I've got the Yen but I might not because I've got a Pokemon onesie to buy and maybe some sneakers and just all-round random shit. Can't get CDs because they're too pricey, but I might grab a single if a band I know release one. PLZ L'Arc~en~Ciel or Asian Kung-Fu Generation or Art-School, I <3 you all.


Unfortunately, I can't drink but I'll try regardless. Get some crazy beer / vodka / whiskey (Santori times!) on and party down. Really, I'll just be making an arse of myself when I walk around trying to speak the language and all that jazz.

Song for the montage of Japan trip:

Gorillaz - Stylo

1. Shibuya - Statue of Hachiko
2. Akihabara - Women and Storm Trooper and Firefox WTF!?
3. Ginza - Ginza

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  1. Lucky you!
    You going with your family or what?
    If you see the Motifs or Tenniscoats in a CD shop buy it for me and I'll pay you back?