Wednesday, April 28, 2010

State of A Nation

So, what's been going on, I hear you ask. Well, not all that much, unfortunately. Uni is gradually overtaking all my free time, with assignments, readings and revision (see: Japanese). I do like uni, yes I do, but I'm not generally very motivated to do much, so stuff gets left until the last minute and I'm a bit behind (see: Japanese, again). And the "uni life" has been put on hold as I enter dire economic struggle. I seriously, desperately need a job. It's not easy, lemme tell you kiddies this. Employers are dicks...

But really, apart from the money, you could say everything's comin' up Milhouse.

My internet is mysteriously back to full speed (my house isn't a third-world country anymore!) and yeah, the personal life and whatever you wanna call the situation is sweet. Sweet friends, what more could you want, right? Kick back, dirt off your shoulder, fellas.

Super pumped for dubstep next Thursday. Shit'll be great. I am heavily sacrificing this week, no burgers, no beers, no spending on chili Grain Waves. It'll be this way until employment. I could be more motivated to get work, but like, I've put out so many resume's and applications it's a bit ridiculous that NOTHING has come up. I actually haven't got a response from ANYONE. Fucking newsagency guy said he'd call all the applicants but I didn't get call. I think I might have to give that fuckface a drive-by, teach that bitch not to fuck with this nigger. Motherfucker.

Seriously, who the fuck wouldn't want to employ me?

Jónsi - Boy Lilikoi

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