Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The End.

Stills from Andy Warhol's film Empire

So it's pretty much the end of the semester and you know, subjects are all wrapping up. Art History exam on Monday, Japanese speaking next Friday and then an exam on the 19th of June (Boo, Saturday exam) and final assignments for Academic Writing and Music are due. So there we have it, my first semester of university coming to a close. I guess I should reflect on what I've learnt:
  • Some basic stuff in Japanese, much less than I should know.
  • Art is cool, man.
  • How to actually research an essay and kinda how to reference.
  • How to drink a beer.
Looks like I'm a stellar uni student.

What I'm really looking forward to is holidays. I won't really have to care because I now have expectations of uni and won't be fretting. Pretty amped to just hit the town on random days of the week, go to some bad clubs (hellooooo Eastern!), some great pubs (hellooooo James Squire Brewery) and generally just lounge around. Sit in my room on a Sunday afternoon reading some books, listening to tunes and watching some killer flicks. Maybe shove some Final Fantasy in there somewhere because video games are cool. Get some people over, have a Street Fighter IV sesh, maybe? I might even go for a daily bike ride or something! Imagine that, me doing "exercise" often. Insane! What I would really love is a Pills Partyand get absolutely lashed and stay up until sunrise because that's fun and a Pills Party™ is literally the greatest party ever. And a jam session. We desperately need a jam session. My talent (non-existant) is just going to waste! I cannot write a song...some rocker I'll grow up to be.

Paragrah three is often a summary, synthesising above points into some profound comment about the world and the existence of life. But I ain't done, no sir, I've got plenty more on my mind. Like why are women so crazy? Women, why are you so crazy? Do you strive to make a man's life a living hell? Japan has it made with men still being the dominant motherfucker in society, and waitresses in maid cafes referring to the customers as "Master." That's right. That's how it should be. And women are so unreadable and give mixed messages. Unless they're drunk. Or maybe I'm just terribad at reading people. That's probably it. FUCKING WOMEN!

Kanye West - Homecoming


  1. why is a pills party a trademark?

  2. Last paragraph is entirely accurate, why be so crazy women? And yes, Pills Party would rock, me wanty.

  3. Because a Pills Party™ is the result of brain-racking planning. It will be franchised upon the conclusing of an ecomanomics degree.