Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Uni is getting shitty. So much work. So behind for Japanese. Got ridiculous amounts of study for that. Fucking too much grammar and stuff to learn. And Kanji and oh god.

Also, Academic Writing essay is due on Thursday and I haven't actually started. It's worth 40%. Fuck. Oh well, just gotta pass it. Just need 50%. That can't be too hard, right...right...? And I've already written the outline and have all my references, I just have to fit it into a cohesive, argumentative essay. Simple. Not looking forward to pulling a big night on Wednesday. Might just polish it off Thursday and hand it in on Friday. Few marks deducted and I get significantly more time. But it is due 5pm on Thursday, so I've got all day really, as I think I'll be skipping lectures again. Pretty pointless. Fuck Academic Writing. Fuck that shit baaaaad.

Sol LeWitt mural in Australia Square.

Art History rules the hardest. It exposes me to the best shit. Except this week. It was feminist art. So much vagina and menstruation and gross stuff like that. No more. And I fucking need a job. Yes, I still do not have one. It's quite hard, I tells ya!

Also, Jaydiohead.

Reckoner's Encore

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