Sunday, March 28, 2010


Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Hung Over As The Queen in Maida Vale

The best time to listen to this song would be from 06:38 - 06:56:17 am in that perfect time and state when one of Pills' parties reaches the first light. At this exact moment when you are still kind of intoxicated, past tired yet your mind is failing to allow you to focus, you know that you need at least one hour of sleep so you can not drown in the pool the next morning, that you will get a killer breakfast and during the night and early morning you have experienced literally every emotion known to mankind, from bliss to love, hatred to total depression that this moment in life is flawless. You may have had the most fantastic time in your drunken state, but the rising sun and birth of light on the new day after incredibly emotional D&Ms is the moment you will cherish forever.

This song represents this utterly life-changing experience that may never be surpassed in your life.

The perfect balance of youth, maturity and awe. Everyone silently enjoys each other's company, harmoniously amazed at the stunning sight of first light, the sheer beauty that reveals the backyard and the bottles and the tables and the chairs, the empty cups thrown carelessly upon the lawn.

Sunrise is only worth it if you've stayed up all night. Waking up early is cheating.

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