Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"The Man"

The term "The Man" is one used more loosely than it should be. I'm guilty of using this term to describe many men I have met or talked about. However, I like to think that there can be multiple "The Man"s, specifically, one in each nation. I guess it can also apply to your interest.

In one sense, Marty McFly is film's "The Man" because he fucking rules at everything and has the greatest name ever and shreds hard. Also, if you like your art, Jackson Pollock may be "The Man". Not to me because I personally dislike Pollock because I prefer traditional art like Monet because it's pretty and serene.

So really, America's music "The Man" is Tom Waits as he's crazy badass and eats gravel for breakfast to get himself so grumbly. I know this for a fact, we hang out and have sleepovers and that's what is in his pantry. Gravel. Gravel and flint so he can make fire to heat up the gravel so it burns down smoother. Tasty.

Tom Waits - Gun Street Girl

Australia's alternative is Nick Cave. Nick Cave is just too good to be real. Therefore Nick Cave isn't real. Which means he's God. But God doesn't exist. But Nick Cave exists. Therefore Nick Cave is mortal. But mortals just can't be as good as Nick Cave. Hoo boy, ain't this just a crazy twist!? Whatevs. Nick Cave: The Man.

Nick Cave - She's Leaving You

Canada has Neil Young. Neil Young is fucking sick. Yeah, now he's old and kinda fat and doesn't look as outrageously gnarly as he used to in his younger days. And yeah, his voice is quite pissy compared to Tom and Nick, but Neil has the balls to sing "Keep on rockin' in the free world." Not many dudes would sing a line that gay and make it as cool as Neil does. Also "On The Beach" is like the 2nd greatest folk record ever.

Neil Young - Vampire Blues

Englad has Keith Richards. I really can't understand how this man was ever not impossibly cool. I reckon that when he was in high school, he was that rad dude who ALWAYS had a guitar in his hands and a cigarette in his mouth. He probably even looked cool on his first day of school when he was like six. Keith is the kinda guy who probably went to class just so he could pay out the teacher with snide remarks, then get all the honeys to giggle and look at him all adoringly and then he's give them a sly smile out of the corner of his mouth and then they'd all melt. Fuck yeah.

The Rolling Stones - Shine A Light

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