Tuesday, March 16, 2010



And so began my tri-fector of alternative rock gods concerts. Enmore Theatre, 4/3/2010, about 7:30pm from recollection. After a pleasant walk down Enmore Road and waiting in the line for a little bit, we set up camp at a lovely spot on the barrier at the back half of the floor. After Gursey (what the fuck's a Gursey?) and a beer, I was internally jumping with excitement to see Ol' Malky & Co rock the shit. And rock the shit they did. A surprisingly long two hour set filled with material from their entire career was just a hilarious and fantastic experience. Malkmus is just too dopey on stage, star-jumping with chord changes and just lank-ing around in general. The stage lights were nice and pretty, with fairy lights webbed across the roof. I thoroughly enjoyed this show, specifically the songs I knew (uh-oh, just sounded like a poser fag) like "Cut Your Hair", "Summer Babe" and "Conduit For Sale!".

Dinosaur Jr.

And so the trilogy continues with Dinosaur Jr. at The Metro on March 11th. Made some friends in the line who had driven down from Newcastle for the spectacle and they were pretty hilarious dudes. Some mediocre support from Bed Wettin' Bad Boys and a Melbourne "alternative guy" shitstorm from Deaf Wish destroyed my ears well before J, Lou and Murph had the opportunity to. However, Dino Jr. were just so fucking loud that my ears became even more fucked. It was just so loud. With a killer spot right on the front barrier just in front of Lou Barlow, the gig was an experience unmatched by anyone else I've seen. Screaming at Lou and J along with all the other drunkards (we weren't intoxicated) requesting "The Leper" and "Forget The Swan", a twelve-minute solo and "Freak Scene", this had it all. A lovely encore of "Kracked", "Sludgefeast" and "The Lung" polished off what was an unbelievably radical time. I regret not buying the Green Mind t-shirt. Because I had no money. D':

Newcastle buddies.


And so the conclusion, Pixies at The Hordern Pavillion on the 15th. This place is officially my least favourite venue now. Fuck, being such a short arse I can't see shit. Anyways, THEART were initially promising, giving a bit 'o "fuck yeah rock'n'roll" vibe but ended up being trash, with samey songs and shithouse lyrics. Then we saw Murray from The Wiggles and Harry and I were all "OMG IT'S FUCKING MURRAY!" and that was all well and good. We shuffled into the mosh (I would say about 2/5ths back) and settled in expectantly. They projected the surrealist film "Un chien Andalou", a source of inspiration from not only "Debaser" but I guess the album as a whole. Masked by backlighting, the silhouetted figures opened the show with B-sides such as "Manta Ray" and "Bailey's Walk" and then they kicked into "Doolittle". This is when the show picked up because I don't care too much for those B-sides. Two planned encores and the show ended with "Vamos" and "Where Is My Mind?" and they were all well and dandy. This show was a bit of a let-down for me. Mainly because I couldn't see shit (no-ones fault really) but the backlight silhouetting effect just pissed me off. Also it was no where near loud enough (no tinnitus post-gig) and it just seemed a little tired really (bar Joe's solo in "Vamos" which was bound to rule ass). Overall, it's a bit unfortunate it was $93.

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  1. Dude, I wish I was at Dino Jr. Fuck. Sounds like a great round of gigs, noice.