Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm writing a progressive rock epic.
It's called: Dreamings of a Retard Parts I-VII and is quite amazing/inspirational.
I'm pretty much the definitive songwriter of this generation. The Bob Dylan, if you will. I take it to the next level. Seriously.
It'll be a double album featuring myself and anyone else who wants to contribute to the 7 parts of pure genius.
Part 1: The Birthing and Characteristics
Part 2: The Demon Within
Part 3: Transit Blues
Part 4: Del Diablo Se Puso De Manifiesto
Part 5: Brain Scramble
Part 6: The Holy Valley
Part 7: The Bending Road

Also, Part VIII is a double album in itself.

I'll sell millions.

Here's some photos from a Dreamings session:

^ The Mastermind

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