Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hyper >>

Being a video game asshole, I have a shitload of Hyper magazines. It's a monthly mag that has info on everything. Thankfully I subscribe (nearly 3 years now) to it, as a month without Hyper would just be wrong. It's what I look forward to. It's one of the things that keeps me going. A little escape, you know? I have nearly a years worth of Hyper in my bathroom (yes, I read on the toilet).

It's not just the great journalism, interesting features, monthly columns and extremely informative reviews that I like so much. No. What instantly attracts me to each and every issue of this great magazine is the art direction. The entire magazine has a simple, effective theme which flows brilliantly with the screenshots in reviews and previews or feature photographs. Also, the cover always looks very polished and professional, but I guess that's the aim of one isn't it?

Or maybe I just like video games too much? Probably, after all, I've got 6 consoles, 3 rare Game and Watches and 4 handheld consoles. And a fuckload of games. Oh god, I'm so pathetic...
I think I'll get Issue 15 of Sneaker Freaker to increase my cool points (ta, Pills).

Common - The Light (comment if that link doesn't work, I bought it off the iTunes store)

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