Monday, July 6, 2009

9 Years Ago

9 years ago, a little game called Halo was a release title for the Xbox. I never seriously played this game. I heard about it's radicalness and I played some multiplayer deathmatches and capture the flags a fair few times. Yesterday, I rented Halo from my local video store and I've pumped about 10 hours into it so far. Why did I miss this 9 years ago? I'm quite foolish for doing so. I would've been impressed by the gameplay and graphics rather than just gameplay like I am now. It's so blocky...

So, when I finish it, I'll rent Halo 2 and then finish that and then 3 and finish that and then I'll be in with the rest of the world who knows what happens in this series.

Now, I understand why I missed Halo: It was because I was a Nintendo fanboy. I refused to even consider the possibility of a good game excisting on a Playstation console or the Xbox. And now look at me, I consider myself a gamer and I've never even played Metal Gear Solid. The shame!

Also, after reading Halo reviews, I've been thinking about replay value. Halo apparently has some, but I really don't think I could bother with finishing it again. To quote, I should "think about finishing it a second time before finishing it the first." No, I really don't. I want it to be over because it's kinda frustrating and I hate the whole one-man-army vibe I'm getting. Damn, Killzone 2 just looked attractive for the first time in my life.

There aren't that many games I've finished more than once. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Zelda: Wind Waker, Final Fantasy: Tactics Advanced and each Pokemon sequel is essentially replaying Red/Blue. That's about all I can think of right now. Resident Evil 4. I wanted to play through de Blob and No More Heroes again but I think I never did because I marathon finished them. Both of those games (along with Super Mario Galaxy and The World Ends With You) I stayed up until 4am two mornings in a row in a dire attempt to finish them (with The World... taking up hours of train and bus time).

My mate Cameron often replays games. Hell, he's finished Tales of Symphonia, a x2 disc Gamecube Game like 20 times or something. What the fuzzle? I couldn't even finish Paper Mario 2 for a second time because I lost a boss battle at 3:30am and never bothered to try again. I don't feel like much of a gamer at the moment, I just finish a game and let it gather dust.

Yes, I don't often trade in completed games because, get this, I might want to play them again. Might. I often don't, but I might. Maybe I just don't want to get rid of something that's taken hours of my life away (bar Mirror's Edge, I kept that: 7 hours = BOO!) because I believe it'll be a waste. Reason why World of WarCraft is still on my PC...

I don't have many video game soundtracks, but here's some great music from 2 I've got:

Ox - Get It Up (MadWorld - Wii 2009)
John Guscott - Splashback (Defiant) (de Blob - Wii 2008)

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