Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So I was at an 18th on the weekend. It was pretty fun. Although heaps of people got super drunk and shit. Well, why am I stating this, it's an 18th, it's standard that someone will vomit.
And the attractive girl whom took me to her formal was trying to get with this super shonky, rant cunt with a ratty and smoking addiction.
Then she hooked up with another girl...

Anyways, I had a few beers, but felt no effect of the alcohol due to my responsible 1:1 ratio.
Beer --> Bottle of water --> Beer --> Water etc.
It's really good, I drank heaps and got in no trouble. Yay for me.

However, I did try to twist open the beer...the wrong way:

That's the split in my thumb the day after. It was bleeding like shit. Oh well.

But that's another thing. Everyone was drinking cruisers (well, the girls at least) and most of the guys were drinking UDL and shit like that. I'm pretty sure I was the only person < 18 who was drinking beer. Whoopee! And I drank Light beer because there was no real beer left. What the fuck was wrong with me?

Suffice to say, women can be extremely whore-ish in an 18th situation. I don't think I've ever seen girls my age act so inappropriately. Or is that how we're supposed to act? I never grinded up on girls on the dancefloor. Or hooked up with anyone. Or got excessively drunk and passes out face-down on the lawn vomiting and leaving a patch of dead grass the next day.

Did I miss my teenage years?

I'm only 17, with all next year of being 18 to go, but the whole house party scene flew right by me. I never got invited to parties, so I haven't drunk much (which is why I take every opportunity now to build up for schoolies). My school and Caringbah friends have told me some pretty fucked up stories generally involving alcohol and/or illicit drugs. Never have I even been in one of their situations. Lie, I have once. But still, every weekend they're out getting fucked and I'm sitting at home being a lonely old fool.

But I think it's too late. I'll look like a fucktard if I get smashed and pass out at a party next year, and this year...well the HSC is just too much pressure on me.

I think I skipped an integral part of the experience of growing up because I've tried to become too sophisticated and mature. I think I just became boring.


Minutemen - Corona
Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! - Libra Tango Cancer

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