Monday, July 27, 2009

Kick, Push, Coast...

After playing Skate on my 360 a shitload recently, I'd like to start skating again. It's a great sport, I enjoyed it immensely. I was never very good at it, however. It was one of the few things I used to practice a fair bit. Along with guitar and video games (practice = playing), most things that I'm not very good at, I stop doing. Sorry, most things I don't care about. Nearly all sports I've played I've stopped, and hockey I probably won't go back to.

But skating gives you a relaxed exhilaration. Nothing beats the feeling of coasting along a smooth road, popping an ollie and then pushing to get back to speed to continue rolling. The only thing close is carving down a mountain on a snowboard, a feeling I thankfully got after an intense day of learning through pain. But I wouldn't like to try get really good at skating or snowboarding, just being average so I can flow and enjoy it. Get a rush, but keep it in a chilled way.

Stupidly enough, I didn't go to the snow these holidays like I should have. Hopefully I still have the chance post-exams, but I fear the best of the season will be over, missing the opportunity I wished for. And I can only wish that I can still board like I was at the end of the day last year. It was good, I was coasting and I was happy. I could enjoy the surroundings and now worry about falling over or bumping into anyone (I found an empty run, cool?).

But I wonder why I enjoyed skating so much? Was it the culture that I knew was out there but didn't immerse myself in? Or all the rad shit that I'd seen my mates do? Did I just start it to fit in with my friends? Essentially, that was the reason because I was sick of them skating around the city while I'd lumber behind then, desperate to catch up. It's always what I seemed to be doing.

You probably all have Kick, Push by Lupe Fiasco, so I'll put a different song up.

Gang Starr - Step In The Arena

(Bouzo missing out on some new tunes)

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  1. All my attempts at skating failed. I think it's because of my general lack of co-ordination along with my inability to commit to something.

    Skiing on the other hand seems far easier, I don't know why, but I just picked it up easily.

    That song is quite good, and I'm more than happy to miss out on something for others to discover the greatness that is The Guru and DJ Premier.