Monday, August 3, 2009


How come the general populous is so bitchy now? Why does everyone complain about everything and take offense to essentially harmless thing? This comes off the back of Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O being suspended or whatever after their radio segment in which a harmless lie detector test resulted in a girl admitting she'd been raped - which her family did not know about. While I admit that this ended in an undesirable fashion, and was probably a bad idea to begin with, the punishment is overly harsh. Sandilands apologised to EVERYONE that wanted one and justified his opinions on the matter. People are just too "Oh my gosh, rape is so horrible that it never happens" but Kyle was right, it does. People are just too ignorant or don't want to think of the dark side of human existance. Bad shit happens. Get over it. Michael Jackson died. Get over it.

Now, I don't listen to Kyle and Jackie, but I heard about this while listening to Hack on Triple J and briefly on the news as I walked in the house this afternoon. Essentially, it was just what triggered these thoughts.

People complain about so much shit nowadays. Everything is offensive to someone, but you don't have to make it seem that you're above everything and that if you were offended, you should ruin it for everyone. People need to realise that they are not the pinnacle of human existance and that if something offends them, they feel responsible to make their voice heard and talk condescendingly upon the "offender". I get offended everyday, but I get on with it because if something annoys me, someone else will probably find it funny. I look on the good side.

A prime example of bitches being overly sensitive is what happened this year to the Chaser. Yes, everyone knows about it, so I won't go too far into it. All I can say is that the sketch was fucking hilarious and probably the best thing they've ever done. It was right in every way. But no, the little whiney bitch of Australian society got too offended. Yes, they have cancer, they're going to die anyway. Just become a Bhuddist and ta-da, problem solved, you believe they have another life.

Another TV show which had AMAZING potential was british sitcom Heil Honey I'm Home! which featured Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun happily married until a Jewish couple moved in next door. It is a fantastic premise for the show and the ONLY episode screened was really, really funny. Shame that the world is so sensitive.

Lastly, I had an argument with my dad literally as soon as he got home. It feels fantastic to piss that man off. He was implying that I was the cause for the delay on the trains this morning. I set that bitch right.

To conclude, I use word of Dirty Three, an instrumental post-rock group:
"Everything's Fucked"

Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

P.S. I really like Krautrock.


  1. Oh, the irony.
    BTW, the mum who was there knew about the rape.

  2. yeah, and she still asked, and she's an idiot and kyle's a dick.
    like i think the whole concept of the lie detector thing was pushing it a bit but i didn't see that much of a problem with it. the insensitivity issue thing is right after she admitted to being raped he was like "was that your only sexual experience?" which you have to admit is pretty fucked up. because being raped is a really traumatic experience.

    anyway kyle sandilands is fucking jerk, i'm glad he is off the air/out of the media and my life.

    oh, and i wholeheartedly agree about the chaser, media just wanted to fry them.

    that's my rant done.