Thursday, August 13, 2009

Elven Marriage

Last night I had a dream that started on a massive bummer but then became a mindfuck that I hope I never forget.

It began with Me, Pills, Al and Harry all driving home from a party some night listening to "Party Line" by The Kinks and we weren't drunk or anything, just bopping along. Then some guy out of nowhere hit the right side of the car and we craaaaaaaaaaaashed into a ditch (ditch) and, unfortunately, Pills and do I put it nicely...died.

[Okay, so I am aware that having a subconscious mental though about myself and one of my closest friends dieing is probs not a very good thing, but regardless, it occurred.]

Following this was our combined funeral. We're not related, but we had some huuuge joint funeral which we had our funeral songs playing:
Pills: Led Zeppelin - The Rain Song
Me: The Beatles - Helter Skelter
[I have discussed this with him, he wants that song played. "You know when you hear that song that you'll take with you forever? Yeah, The Rain Song."]
And so it was pretty much just like some movie scene that had slow panning and all that predictable stuff you know and love.

So then we ascended into heaven.
[Now, I'm not religious, but I have recently been in some heated discussions involving religion, so this may play a part in all of this subconscious behavior]
And as we walked through the pearly gates in our white dream outfit (Gangsta freshness sneakers for Pills and a great rock'n'roll outfit for I) I could hear "America - Before The War" playing very loudly ["Different Trains" has greatly affected me] while all the angels and dead people were commuting (yes, you commute in heaven).

Then I met John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Moon and John Entwistle and that was very cool. Then I played pool with John Bonham and John Paul Jones and that was all well and dandy while everyone was grieving and shit. And then there were what can be likened to air-raid sirens [One again, "Different Trains" "Europe - During The War"].

These sirens signified the beginning of a supernatural war that had been going on for centuries. It was between the vampires and warewolves, and the angels and souls and whatnot of heaven were allied with the vampires, performing reconnesance missions.
[This is the gnarly mindfuck part]

So then Pills and I were sent into battle against the warewolves and there was some Lord of the Rings scale epic-ness in the war. It was so awesome. At that point, I believe I finally fell asleep.

Let's hope I have another great dream tonight!

Led Zeppelin - The Rain Song
The Beatles - Helter Skelter

P.S. Top artwork is "Warewolf vs. Vampire" by ~nightmarelove, published on
There's probs some copyright details, but whatevs.


  1. Why is this called "Elven Marriage"?

    You have awesome dreams Con. I've been thinking about posting some of my dreams but yours are so much better than mine and always involve killer soundtracks haha.

  2. Tim, never mind why it's called "Elven Marriage".