Sunday, August 30, 2009


I'm listening to Roxy Music while I do some much-needed work on my Viva Voce. Viva is on The Beatles, so I don't know why I'm not listening to them. That would make sense. Rather, I'm continuing my current obsession for glam rock right now.

My CD is skipping (the CD player decided to read discs after giving it a couple of hours break). But it refuses to aknowledge 69 Love Songs Volume 1.

I wish I didn't go so crazy when compiling info for this viva, there's now waaay too much that I'm trying to cut out. Not working all that well, it all seems so important.

5-Day weekend is coming to a sad close, with tomorrow my final day before 4 days of straight exams. I'm so not ready for English Paper 2. Those essays will take advantage of me in the worst way possible.

And I'd like to know; How long do you spend in your room? Now that my computer is goooone, I've been spending MANY hours in my room, studying on my bed with music playing rather than at the desk next to the computer...with music playing. But also, I've been spending most of the relaxation time in my room as well, as opposed to in front of the TV or, heaven forbid, outside. Recently, I'll be out of my room for about 1/5th of a day. Saddening? Depressing? Awesome or just plain wrong?

Download this:
The Kinks - Australia

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  1. Normally I do study in the garage, but I spend most of my spare time in my bedroom... almost all of it really. Though lately I've been beginning to appreciate outside a lot more, just sitting in the sun with a drink and my iPod, it's really quite satisfying.