Monday, August 10, 2009

Cripple Creek Ferry

My hand is so fucken bruised that it hurts when I slightly close it to make a fist.
Granted it's been severely bruised since I paaaaanched my bedhead at 12:30am when I couldn't sleep and got all angsty/emo/pissed off, but today it went to the next level.
Whilst playing volleyball, I took a dive to get the ball (being the dedicated captain of 2nds I am...again...) and somehow, somehow managed to completely own the shit out of my hand. It was ultimately bruised and completely purple/bruise colour for about half an hour, now my 2nd finger from the right (on my right band) is bruise colour and immensely swollen. And crippled.

The greatest thing about this is trials in like 2 weeks and I can't actually write efficiently with my hand. FANTASTIC! But nah, seriously, it should be all good. I might to ice it while I watch Good Game. Or leave it because I'm such a Tom Waits badass.

But clearly, I'm not. And as you can see, I'm just a bitch like the rest of the human population when I feel I'm significantly disabled but really my hand is just crazy bruised.
But it really hurts. And looks rank.

I'll just get my Fairport Convention on and I'll be all happy again.


Jerry Reed - Amos Moses

R.I.P Jerry Reed (March 20, 1937 - September 1, 2008)

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