Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Make 'Em Proud, Son

Today on the train to work was great. There were like 5 girls which were all pretty arty and attractive, then these hipster tools gave me some dirties, then I fell asleep pretty much as soon as I got on the train and Central, then I briefly awoke at Wolli Creek, then I woke up at Beverley Hills and was like:
"Oh sheet, I missed Kingsgrove!"
So I had to get off the train and get another one back to Kingsgrove so I could work for 4 hours in total boredom.

But while I was on the train, I was listening to Steve Reich's "Different Trains" and it is absolutely amazing. I've gotta hit up rate your music and 5/5 that shit - it was just that good. Seriously, whether you like classical or not (probably not) you MUST listen to Different Trains.

It's up there with "Doolittle" and "The Stone Roses" and "Paul's Boutique" and "Done By The Forces of Nature" for my top albums of 1989. Wow.

And how cool does the sky look when it's about to rain / post rain? The answer is very.
It's pouring right now.
I'm going to work on my English speech.
Then have a shower.
Then listen to Different Trains again.

Steve Reich - America - Before The War (played by Kronos Quartet)


  1. woah. really?
    doolittle, the stone roses and paul's boutique?
    it matches that?
    solid effort.

  2. Just have a listen.
    If you have an open mind, thou shalt not be disappointed.

  3. steve reich is not classical at all.
    he's a minimalist composer.
    i think you meant "art music"
    but yeah props cause he rules.

  4. Hugh, I am quite clearly aware that Steve Reich is a minimalist composer. How dare thee insult my intelligence.
    I'd say Different Trains is a bit more classical than minimalist. However it does rely heavily on phrases developed around the vocal samples.
    Oops, wank'd on a bit there.