Thursday, August 27, 2009


I wanna go to Copenhagen.

My parents were saying last night that I'm now being social without the computer. It guess it's true, but the only reason I've really been spending time with them is because they are in the same room as where I'm watching TV.

But having no computer is pretty lame. I don't get to surf the internet and find out useless information about pop culture with which I can talk to Steve and attempt to impress women. However, I am actually studying now more than I ever had with the computer to distract me. I still have periodical Facebook updates (thanks, be to the iPhone) and have my music playing "too loud", but some good notes and past papers have been done whilst sitting on my bed (my new study surrounding).

And very surprisingly, sitting in my room and studying has not lead me to playing a million hours of video games, considering I have a 360 and Wii set up on the TV and a GameCube and N64 safely packed in my room...and a Sega Megadrive and NES in the other room. Wow, I play and own a lot of games.


- Advanced English paper 1 was pretty good, except I didn't have enough time to effectively finish the comprehension. The essay on "Belonging" was something to be proud of and my creative story was pretty gnarls for being made up on the spot.

- Information, Processes and Technology was quite good. Unfortunately, there were two questions that were based on things we did not actually know. Thank you, Rodney Wood. Overall, it was a good exam, most questions were answered well and I did a bit of the 'ol information wank

- Mathematics was the longest 3 hours of my life. I dropped marks because there were parts I just did not know how to do. I mean I actually could not recall how to answer them. It was year 11 stuff that I don't remember so I can't ask my tutor to teach me it because I can't ever remember learning it. Otherwise, some questions I pretty much made my bitch. Most I didn't.

I'm also doing some reconnecting with the past. Just this morning I built a fort on/out of my bed and now I'm watching Pokemon.
Except this Pokemon is incredibly shitty.

And lastly:

"Be excellent to each other, and, party on, dudes!"


  1. Two things? I only didn't know what the fuck was a GIS.

    Everything is different, but the same...things are more moderner than before...bigger, and yet's computers...San Dimas High School football rules!

  2.'s the fort going?
    new pokemon sucks. it loses its..appeal. stops being nice and homely and starts imposing itself on the kids. maybe, i don't want to catch them all.

  3. That thing about prototyping and shit. Made more crap up.

    Hannah, the fort was mind-blowingly radical. Check out the photos. And yes, pokemon definitely felt more political. Or maybe the songs were gayer. Both. I watched 5 episodes and did not see Ash once. Simultaneously awesome and depressing.

  4. photos are where now?
    ..I KNOW. they take out ash, they take out that guy.. the cool one.. and the ranga girl..
    it's not the same.

  5. ...on what are you watching pokemon?

  6. Actually, Brock was in an episode (WITH HIS PARENTS A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF BROTHERS AND SISTERS) and another had Misty. Just 5 spin-off episodes in a row. A Team Rocket episode. Come on!