Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Yeah, so I got my marks like the rest of New South Wales; pretty good, I guess.
Disappointed with music, expecting mathematics, impressed at chemistry. I assume that tomorrow shouldn't be too bad. I'm assuming I'll get over 84.50, because I'm a cocky dude. Speaking of cocky dudes, here's a passage I read from Hemmingway today, it proves that he is the absolute man:

"It's a shame you never knew her before she went to pot. You know a funny thing; she never could write dialogue. It was terrible. She learned how to do it from my stuff and used it in that book. She had never written like that before."

What a guy, I wish I was besties with Ernest. We'd go hunt kudu, drink scotch and smoke cigars.

You can't deny his godliness. I was reading Green Hills of Africa all day today. Got on the train, started reading. Reading at work. Reading on the train home. Reading on the bus home. Reading while walking home. I'll read a bit more later, finish off the next chapter. Or power through to page 100. Crack a century.

I need to buy more books. I need to clean out one of the hovels in my room and make it a book case. Fellas, let's go to a bookstore or two so I can nab some classics. 1984, A Farewell To Arms, Wuthering Hieghts, Crime and Punishment and Catcher In The Rye are at the top of my to buy/read list. Yeah, that's night, I'm planning on reading books and adding to my collection of novels so I can get artistic cred. My collection currently consists of:
  • Moby Dick; Or The Whale - Herman Melville
  • Green Hills of Africa - Ernest Hemmingway
  • A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess
Yeah, pretty cool, I know.

Now, here's a fantastic song, easy one of the best this year:

Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind


  1. that's disgusting.
    dont buy wuthering heights. i'll read it for class and inform you it's not worth it. because it isn't.
    it's fucking horrid romantic bullshit.
    1984 crime and punishment and catcher int he rye though (y)
    get on the road by kerouac.
    get some capote.
    g-get some.

  2. I also buy a shit ton of books so my shelf looks impressive.

    I'll go book shopping with you and we can get some mad cred.

  3. I did exactly the same thing as you, Con, when I finished my HSC. And my crusade on the literary world continues this holiday!
    1984 is a must, and yeah I've read Catcher like 15 times haha.
    Story - good taste (I think)! Kerouac! I hear he's good but I've not yet crossed him off my list.

  4. I agree with Tim. Catcher is a must!