Thursday, December 10, 2009


Rebuilt me, chilled me, ruined me.
I be so sleepy all the time. 39 degrees in Byron today? Ouch! Our motel room doesn't even have air con.

Liver getting destroyed. We drink a case a day and finish spirits also. Midori, rum, gin, j├Ąger, kahlua and vodka goneskies. You clock in at 12:00 (because beer tastes shit before 12:00) and clock out at 2:30am - 4:30am. It's a hard life.

Our fridge is pretty much empty. Yet to buy today's case, wonder what it will be. I think I'll clock in today with a scotch on the rocks, I'm feeling saucey. We also have expensive vodka for tomorrow night that may devastate us. Let's all play Roxanne. Put on the red light-PASSOUT!

I'm going to get my cereal on, wait till 12:00 on the balcony and then kick it cool for the rest of the day until 22:00 in which we head down to the beach.

Oh, and eighteen tomorrow for those who care.

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