Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Phonies and Cigarettes

It's five to two, I'm in a poorly made bed with a bottom sheet that's too small, PlayStation 2 controller, The Catcher In The Rye, my wallet and a sheet strewn in the bottom quater of the bed. Dante's Inferno and the TV remote on the windowsill with a slight breeze coming through the fully opened window. I'm listening to Japandroids "Post-Nothing" and I just listened to The Big Pink's "A Brief History of Love" and just put down Catcher after reading ten or so chapters after playing Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time on PlayStation 2 for about 2 and a bit hours. Is there something wrong with me? No. I've just finally kicked into a new mindframe where books are thoroughly enjoyable, video games are a magical escape to different worlds and my bedroom is my personal domain that no one should dare touch as it's in the perfect condition I want it to be in.

There's presents on the floor, shoe boxes under the bed, clothes thrown all over my couch, tonelab right in the middle of the floor and the footrest next to it to use as a seat when I make new settings. My CD player was failing when I wanted to listen to The Birthday Party's "The Bad Seed EP" and the "Mutiny EP" which are both thoroughly amazing. Nick Cave; can someone say musical genius?

It's the second last day of the decade. How strange that it's here and I'm in such a mindset that I would never have thought I would find myself in. I have to work later today, but first I'm going to Miranda Westfield with mum and I'm probably going to blow my two-hundred dollar gift card at EB buying World of WarCraft and Boarderlands and then not play then until probably like 10:30pm on Friday.

Tomorrow will be amazing. Our pub crawl will fucking ruin us and I cannot wait. My first new years celebrations not in the devious clutches of my parents. Yay! Oh the joys of being eighteen!

I'd give you a song by A Place To Bury Strangers but I'm not at a computer so too bad. Next time you can get your noise/shoegaze on.

Peace out and best of luck to everyone for whatever they want to do with the rest of their days.

See some of you peeps on Thuraday.

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