Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I want to go to some pubs. With friends. For lunch. And for dinner. And for afternoon beers. Reschs thanks. $4.50? Here you go! Om nom nom that beer is smooth and tasty even though it's brewed by Fosters company.

In other news, I downloaded:
  • Björk - Homogenic
  • Björk - Vespertine
  • Björk - Medúlla
  • Morrissey - "Viva Hate"
  • Morrissey - "Your Arsenal"
  • Morrissey - Vauxhall and I
  • Morrissey - You Are The Quarry
I heard you like Morrissey...

Plus I'm looking forward to Christmas. Should be a good day. Yeah, presents in the morning and stuff, but the best part is going to my cousins later in the day to have a stupidly huge lunch which is enough for dinner. And this year I can brew on with the real men. Scotch for all! Huzzah!

After looking at that picture, my mouth is salivating because I really, really, really want to drink that. Fucking hell scotch on the rocks is a delicious drink. God damn it's just so sophisticated, manly, upper-class, hardcore and yummeh. Am I an alcoholic?

I also finished Green Hills of Africa today at work. Best book I've ever read. Yeah, you heard me Herman Melville, Hemmingway wrote a better book than Moby Dick, YEAH TAKE IT, BITCH! Hemmingway's auto-biographical writing is pretty much just like having a conversation with him in which you say nothing but are constantly interested in his great stories about hunting game and drinking a fuckload of whiskey and beer. He sculled a longneck in 2 chuggs and then proceeded to finish two more bottles, stay up all night and then hunt kudu the next day. What a mad guy. I would love to go back in time and be besties with him. Also, he got wasted with James Joyce at a dinner party, shredalicious, Ernest!

Uuuuh, a song.....

The Raveonettes - Dirty Eyes (Sex Don't Sell)

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