Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Feeling Is Hollow

Only after today do I realise who the true friends are. Sure, a lot of people signed my shirt, people who I only ever see at school, but the post-graduation evening is where the real friends shine through. There's people, a select few, that are not in my direct group of friends who I'd love to keep in contact with; Metcalfe, Wylob, Zeb, Bouzios and Pranav come to mind instantly. There's people I'm glad I'll never have to see again (bar HSC exams).

After the graduation, I greatly enjoyed the evening. I top dinner with the best friends anyone could ever ask for. I never want to lose any of the guys tonight:
Everyone is unique and everyone is fantastic.

Only today, my final day, did I feel a part of the school. While I got no special mentions (jipped), the guard of honour illustrated all the people that I've built friendships with, from years 7 to 11. My fellow year 12s were not all friends. Most I didn't like at all, and I'm sure the feeling was mutual, but we all bonded today. All of us will never see some again.

Now I'm very, vert tired.
Peace out.


  1. The most ballin' thing about that night was the Prawn pizza, and Pills couldn't even eat it!

    Heart Youse.

  2. Your post basically summed up all my thoughts. I really dug the ceremony, it was really quite good, especially the Honour Guard thing. I never realised how much people dug us.

    In my opinion, the most ballin' thing about last night was the company, for sure... and Dolemite.

    <3 you dudes.

    PS: Pills got a slice of the pizza. :P

  3. And by ceremony, I don't mean chapel... that was lame.

    Had to clarify that one. Hahah.

  4. shiiiiiiit. that was touching. love you guys.

    btw, that pizza was tasty!