Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sydney Symphony

Tomorrow will be my final attendance to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra's "Meet the Music" series. I've not missed a show since year 9, so this will be #16.

The aim of the school doing this is to broaden a musical exposure to classical stuff a mere 4 times a year. Looks like school finally did something helpful.

There are some assholes (you know who they are) who ditch the SSO's series. All this does it seclude them further from any sort of formally rad music.

Unfortunately, we've seen some true duds at the MTM series. More often than not, it was the token Australian composition. Brett Dean and Peter Sculthorpe, you are both shit. And merely one Stravinsky piece in 4 years of attendance.

If you've never been to a symphony, I highly recommend MTM. It's noob classical (me) and gives a basic intro to orchestras and what not. Otherwise, you'll remain and uncultured fool and I shall be superior to thee.

Also, next time Swan Lake, The Nutcracker Suite or The Firebird Suite ballets are performed, who would like to go with me? Yes, I'm willing to, as a very straight man, take another guy to the ballet.

Lastly, anyone wanna see Wicked with me sometimes when it's on?


Ryan Adams - New York, New York

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  1. ha. imma so go ballet it.
    and to wicked, yeah im that rad.
    need to get my symphony exposure on though.