Sunday, September 13, 2009

Here We Go, Another Def Jam

Poo poo poo poo poo is how I'm feeling right now.
The Matrix Reloaded is the definition of suck.
Phone porn ads are running rampant in the breaks, along with Advanced Medical Institute ads. People can't get it up, I get it.
Ponyo is one of the worst characters ever created, she is infuriating.
I want "Green Hills of Africa" by Ernest Hemmingway.
"Maquee Moon" is one of the greatest albums ever. As is "You're Living All Over Me".
I need to lose weight.
I need to sort shit out, otherwise my life will go down the shitter.
Get proactive, Con!
And get a good ATAR.
No pressure or anything...


The Small Faces - Lazy Sunday


  1. cheer up, wigger. sure, the matrix sucks, and ponyo was infuriating yes, but she sure is a girl with a round tummy, and i'm sure she has no trouble getting it up.
    find out what it's about, then find a book store and look under the subject. and yeah, the above tuneage=epic.
    no one needs to lose weight, it's a lifestyle choice. but sorting shit out is always advisable. you guise have atar?
    i thought that started with us. my bad.
    munch munch. kiss hug.

  2. ATAR is the light at the end of the tunnel. It's a terriby lifestyle choice I need to change. I should shed a few. Munch munch kiss hug was so great.