Monday, September 21, 2009

Season 1 & 4

I'm pretty sure Claude Monet painted "Water Lillies" in summer. What other season could produce such beauty? Spring, I hear you say? Shut up, I say to you.

Everyone's aware I've been talking about summer a lot recently. I'm just so excited about it. It's going to be so totally chill and hot so I can hang by the pool in my fluoro boardies with black and white and yellow cubey design on it that are above the knee (because I party) and have the ultimate in summer playlist booming over the valley my house backs onto. Take that children-next-door, your terrible radio pop will be overpowered by my music, with everything from The Avalanches to Amy Winehouse, You Am I to Public Enemy. I cannot wait.

When I get a computer back, I'll totally compose an amazing playlist, one so epic and flawless that the world won't know what hit it. It will cater for all times, the "Oh my god it's too hot to even swim" days, the "Hells yeah, pool party!" times, the "The sunset is so pretty" hour and the "Fuck off, flies, I'm trying to eat dinner outside!" moments. It'll be like 1,ooo songs of perfection.

But summer is a time for gatherings with friends. It's the perfect time to chill with mates in a desperate attempt to stay cool while the sun gives you cancer, where you try to impress that girl who you see up at the local take-away getting an ice cream, and you live your days a little later because the days are longer, and you sleep naked and still end up sweating up a storm. You go for a bike ride and hope to god you make it back home before you dehydrate completely, but then your best friend rings you and you pedal like crazy to get to his place to max your poolside time, then you eat a nice, hot pie and ask yourself "It's 38 degrees, why am I eating a pie?" but you don't care because pies are the fucking boss, so you wash it down with warm Pepsi/Coke and swim till your eyes sting and your back peels and you shout to the heavens "I LOVE SUMMER!"

An then, when it's night and there's gross bush fly things, you go for a walk because it's still kinda light and really warm and that's what everyone else is doing, so you go hang in a park, but don't drink because you don't want to because you just want to chill on the grass. And then the next morning, you don't wanna waste water, so you swim rather than shower, then your hair is all clumped and chlorine-ey and you feel great, and so with this great feeling, you go party down with other friends but it's more just watch cricket or tennis because that's why summer was invented.

And summer contains my birthday, which should epitomise all the chilling experience at my place and whoever reads this blog (and I know) will come over and we can bust out a keg while we barbecue some souvlaki (Al's not allowed to BBQ, just Harry and I), the barbecue which we set up in the rock near the pool because it's cool and old school, and some burgers and chicken. Also, Christmas Day is usually the bomb because the majority of my family is fucken gnarly, espesh by cousins and my uncle Manios, that guy is so rad, and Christmas Day involves more swimming after Christmas Eve which involves not sleeping and being restless and going "ZOMG, I wanna build my brand new Lego that I aksed for!" because Lego is fantastic.

And women. I like women. But one in particular.

Well, that's what I do, at least...

Summer Teaser Playlist:

  1. The Chemical Brothers - Setting Sun
  2. The Bees - Punchbag
  3. Amy Winehouse - You Know That I'm No Good
  4. Lupe Fiasco - Kick, Push
  5. Gorillaz - DARE
  6. Peter Tosh - Legalize It
  7. Antonio Vivaldi - Summer - 1 (Allegro Non Molto)


  1. Top post man. And I thought IIII was harping on about summer a little too much.
    And hey, lay off your neighbours... they have a hot mum.

  2. What looks like 4 vertical lines is meant to be an emphasis of the word "I".

    And there's nothing wrong with harping on about summer as it is the greatest.