Thursday, September 3, 2009


I can't wait to get out of that place. It's so bloody restricting and shit. I've never really enjoyed my time within the Newington community. There's just too much crap about sport and "challenging" the expectations from the new headmaster and deputy headmaster. I mean the brand spanking new heads have more school spirit that I have ever had.

Dad always said that if I hated it so much, why didn't I leave? Clearly I wanted to stay at Newington to be with my awesome friends and because I've been provided a great education. I'd much rather deal with the school's gayness and get a good ATAR score than have fun and be a fucking dero at the local high school.

But come on, Newington, you're a school, not a town. You don't need to force us to be a part of the school, your main focus should be on providing an EDUCATION. Good work, school, make sporting events compulsory but "encourage" us to be there to support the debating teams and artistic events. I say whatever, I don't go to shit except the stuff that will make me lose my prefectship. Sorry debating teams, drama guys, musicians and fine artists, 6 years and I never really bothered.

I had a cool night-daydream while listening to The Mercy Seat by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds not long ago. We played it at assembly and caused a full-scale student rebellion and it was rad and I had Nick Cave hair and everyone was going off. Imagine the gnarliness of that.

Last few weeks of school are coming up and I'm gonna chill, but I've gotta still work if I'm going to get band sixes in IPT and Music. And a band five in Chemistry would be nice. I've got potential for a band six for maths, says my teacher, which is nice.

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