Monday, September 14, 2009


I had such a shitty day compared to the two on the weekend. Saturday was good, I hung in Newtown for the first time, and next time, it'll be for longer. Sunday was just so chilled, so that was great.

Today was just a long day at school, though the boombox was ultimately fantastic. The bus and train home was headache-inducing and I was pretty much just in a vegetative state all afternoon. Thankfully Drive Like Jehu's "Yank Crime" was simply the perfect thing to listen to. Brain thrashing while sitting on the bus in pain.

Why is Kanye such a retard? Come on, Taylor Swift may suck, but I'd rather be subjected to her video clips than Beyonce's.

Also, Juarez in Mexico is a fucking dangerous place, so many people being shot over cocaine like every hours. Sheet.

Sport is so lame. Seriously, who gives a shit about fucking rugby league. It's like the shortest sport ever, as well. Why is the bulldogs chilling on the beach a news story? Fuck!

I want this headache to go, I've got an evening to enjoy pain-free.

Yes, Nadal is out of the US Open. I hate that guy.

Time to listen to Stand! by Sly & The Family Stone. Funk is god's music.


  1. newtown=amazing.
    lives should be lived there.
    drive by yehu helps everything.
    i laughed at hte kanye thing, but you're right nadal and rugby both suck.

  2. I will probably hang there a lot more now. Drive Like Jehu is brutal, that singer's vocal chords must be absolutely shredded. Most sport sucks. Tennis and cricket do not.

  3. oh you liked newtown?
    come to newtown with fort st girls next time we go?

  4. I was going to go when you saw Ponyo, but my parents actually cared about fathers day. Next time for sure. We'll go to Rowda's for lunch.