Thursday, June 10, 2010


Gustave Doré, Inferno Canto 32, 1857

I hate bad movies. Movies that are confused in direction, with no character development, stale, flat jokes, poor, predictable attempts at drama and terrible over acting. I hate them. I love a good performance in a well thought out, cleverly written film is always great. See, Schindler's List is tarnished by what is essentially the final scene and redemption. Liam Neeson completely fucks up everything good about the previous three hours because the scene is amazingly tacky and poorly performed. Arguably this is Spielberg's fault for having some filthy fetish over wanky, over dramatic endings. They are the reason why I don't like Spielberg that much. It actually made me roll my eyes and genuinely sad that the filthy scene wasn't redone in a completely different way to having Oskar Schindler break down and cry. It was out of character. It was wrong. There could have been a much easier way for Oskar to show his gratitude. Did we see the Jews crying out of happiness when they were RESCUED FROM AUSCHWITZ!? No! Why then does Schindler become a mega pussy when he SETS THE OTHER PEOPLE FREE!? Gah!

Regardless, "La Ritournelle" by Sébastien Tellier is an incredible song. If you play it on repeat, the file I have perfectly matches the start and the end together, making some amazing, never-ending aural bliss. Great stuff there.

Voltumnus - Flow

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