Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saturday Night, 'Round 12:53am...

Note: This was written on my phone as I went home from Establishment.

My Trip Home On The Last Train: A Tale of Triumph and Woe.

Con walks toward the train carriage. He notices sawdust spread EVERYWHERE on the floor. He walks to the other carriage.
Train Guard: It's a bit messy in there.

I swear I heard a girl chunder. Can't smell anything, though.

Note: Now here is when four drunk people got on the train. The rest of this is generally quotations from their conversation.

I've never thrown up in a bar. Maybe outside a bar.
It was running down your chin. You were like: "Give me a napkin!"

It's your de-odourant, it makes you smell like Thailand.

He beats the drum at his own beat...what is that saying...?

He was, like, really con-shi-en-suns...con-shieen-en-suns...what's the word...?

You could say "saucey"...but that's nothing like "sassy"...

It seems like I ate your fart

Chronological: I am rapidly sobering up, making this train trip highly unbearable.

I was so scared that I thought the train would never stop.
Did it stop?
Well, yeah, I'm here now.

1:20am: Awkward silence...

Where are we now?

In harmony: Super cheap, super cheap, it's super cheap-ay, yawwh. (To the tune on "Super Freak")

1:25am: I wish I was not sober right now...

1:28am: These people are getting tired and have stopped saying stupid shit D':

That's my job; I play with kids.

Everything has a reason.
What's the reason for throwing up in a bar?

But I like tequilla-
Not anymore!

I left my passport in a bar...that bar...

I am actually thinking about how I am going to write this on Facebook.

Step 1: Tequilla shot.
Step 2: Throw up.
Step 3: Not know what happened.
Step 4: Give me a napkin!

6, 2, 1, 1...

1:36am: Riverwood. So. Damn. Close.

Shonky kent on the train. Phone away.

1:42am: Car.

1:56am: Bathroom: Wee, photo, brush teeth.

2:00am: Oh yeah, I was listening to HEALTH before I went out...

2:02am: Go downstairs of get headphones.

2:06am: The Beatles - Revolver. An so begins an attempt to listen to my top 5 records at a ridiculous hour.


2:35am: Got To Get You Into My Life. Who am I thinking about? Your opinion.

2:45am: Village Green Preservation Society in glorious mono.

2:50am: Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to pop music?

3:10am: Can't make it. The Kinks - Phenonemal Cat. Good nightm thought's in my head. To to faaaark awwwwwf.

The Kinks - Phenomenal Cat


  1. nice mirror photo, camera whore. :p
    you go get lena into your life. reoww.

  2. Do this more often plz. Most amazing.