Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fuck Off Sun, I'm Trying To Get Some Sleep

And so begins the staying up.

Now that the World Cup has kicked into gear, with the final games in the group stages providing thorough entertainment, I am now staying up to watch the midnight game and then sleeping from two until four and then watching the four o'clock game and going to sleep at six. Like this morning, I was getting to sleep after a bitter-sweet Australian match and the sun was being a bitch and making my room light. It was annoying. Let's see what's on tonight,

12:00 - Paraguay V New Zealand
New Zealand have had a surprising and interesting campaign, matching Slovakia and Italy extremely well. It's been great. However, Paraguay were the highest qualifying South American team, beating Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay. It's going to be good.

4:30 - Japan V Denmark
I will watch this because of my love for Nihon. They have to draw to get through. I hope to Amaterasu that Japan get through to the round 16. This is so I can go to the city when Japan play and hit on the supporters like I should have last weekend. Fucking yes I am so excited for this.

Aside from watching football, I currently spend my life playing Final Fantasy XIII. Fuck I am cool. I am so cool that I did not know there was a large group of people going to Hot Damn tonight so that's why I am not out. That's quire depressing. What's more, I can't even drown this by playing Final Fantasy XIII because dad's playing Red Dead Redemption. So unfair.

So Final Fantasy XIII. Pretty great game. Obvious flaws are put aside by my unhealthy love for a video game that has a story that consists for fourty plus hours of people whining. It's what the series evolved into. It's great. I mean, I haven't even finished Final Fantasy XII and I'm at like fourty-five hours. It's fantastic. Arguably, my admiration for super-Japanese melodrama makes me pretty gay, and I would probably not even argue against that. The games are just the epitome of polish. The cutscenes are spectacular, the art direction, while sometimes questionable, is pretty sweet and the outrageousness is perfect. The last boss battle I fought was three people (two girls and a kid) taking down a hovering tank that had turrets and rocket launchers. I won with magic. I am godly. Or sad...I just don't know anymore...

Well then...seems like I'm not actually a cool dude at all. A sad realisation. I think I might just go to sleep or something. Probably not, though. Damn this, I'm even going home on Saturday night relatively early and getting picked up from the station, meaning I can't get super trashed. That makes me even sadder. Oh well, looks like I'll just have to go back into my video games cocoon and be super anti-social. Then when I finally finish Final Fantasy XIII, I'll go out and get me an Asian girlfriend. That's really what I would like.

Cheap Trick - Surrender
The Replacements - Kiss Me On The Bus
The Jam - That's Entertainment
The Undertones - Let's Talk About Girls

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